The price of tablet computers based on Intel Bay Trail processors, Intel Atom Core i3 and Core i5 starts at $ 500.For the specified amount you can purchase a 10.8-inch tablet on Windows 8.1, component of a separate fee with a digital pen and dock-keyboard.

As for Windows planes more affordable, one of those is Dell Venue 11 Pro (the initial price is $ 430).The device has a reduced screen resolution - 1366 × 728 pixels instead of Full HD, a small volume of internal memory - 32 GB versus 64 GB.Platform - Intel Atom Z3775D Bay Trail (2.41 GHz) instead of Intel Atom Z3770 of the cheapest version.

RAM - 2 GB.Communications: Two-band Wi-Fi 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, Microsd card slot, full -size USB 3.0.Cameras: frontal - 2 megapixels, main - 2 megapixels.Dimensions: 10.2 × 176.8 × 297.7 mm, weight - 771 grams.

Модельный ряд Dell Venue 11 Pro пополнился новым устройством

The delivery set includes a Microsoft Office 2013 package for home and study.The novelty supports the use of a dock-key, a desktop dock and an active digital pen.

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