My favorite combination of keys since Windows 7 was Windows + left / to the right, which allows me to transfer the window from any side of the screen, automatically changing its size so that it occupies 50% of my monitor area.Great for simultaneously viewing a document and a web browser or constant preservation of Chrome in place, while I use the other half of the monitor for the chat or conductor of files or all that I need at the moment.Over the past years, Microsoft introduced some improvements to the windows of windows, but the overhaul of Windows 11 is perhaps the best binding of the ever existing.

The same key combinations are still working, but Microsoft added a truly useful, intuitive mouse interface and the ability to easily combine several windows into the grid..This is not just a division of 50/50.Snap layouts are an excellent development of a already wonderful function.

How Snap Layouts work

The Snap Layouts Windows 11 layout gives you six different net options for the organization of desktop:

This is probably much easier to visualize than read.Fortunately, when you point the mouse pointer to the window deployment icon, you get this small pop -up window to launch the binding layout.

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If you prefer a combination of keys, this is also an option: Windows + Z opens the Snap Layout menu.The label is important because some applications, such as Steam and Discord, set their lines a title, so the deployment buttons cannot run a pop -up window, as most applications for Windows can do it.

After you press one of the Snap Layout icons to run it, each of the other areas of the screen will show you open windows.Clicking one of them, he will fall into place.Animation is also really good.

I found that I mainly use the 70/30 layout, which exactly reflects how I usually laid out my screen before Snap Layouts were introduced.I like to have one main Chrome window, and the other for Twitter, my calendar and other secondary tasks.Nevertheless, I can start experimenting with a separation of 50/25/25, since I do not always need all the vertical space for my additional window.

Макеты Snap — лучшая новая функция Windows 11

The more and higher the resolution of your monitor, the more useful to you will be Snap models.I think that the evolution of Microsoft equipping functions is actually a funny reflection of how the PC itself has developed over the past 20 years.During the time of Windows XP, most of us probably still used ELT or new LCD displays with low resolution and mainly used one expanded window at a time.By the time we got to Windows 7, 1080p monitors meant that we could comfortably use at least two windows nearby, so the instant picture was an excellent shortcut.I still download the 1440p monitor, but anyone who has a large buzzing screen 4K can probably comfortably use a new type of quadrant.

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Binding layouts are a convenient way to place windows in the positions you need, but, fortunately, they are also not hard.As in Windows 10, you can draw a mouse pointer to the place where the windows are in contact, and a panel will appear for a dynamic change in their size.

As well as in Windows 10, you can still capture the window from one edge of the screen using the mouse so that it is fixed in place.In my experience, each of these methods works well together, and not one of them is especially uncomfortable.Но теперь есть гораздо больше параметров настройки в разделе Система> Многозадачность, поэтому вы можете отключить определенные функции Snap Layout, такие как автоматическое изменение размера окон, если это вас беспокоит.By default, Windows 11 disables the ability to shake the window and minimize everything else, which I may have done on purpose.once in Windows 10 and did it by chance many times more.

I'm not going to say that Snap Layouts should be updated to Windows 11, but this is perhaps the function that I expect most often in the next few years.This is exactly the simple everyday improvement that I hope in the new Windows release.