Recently, Microsoft has been a very loaded technological giant.The company not only works on Windows 11, which has just debuted on October 4, but also works with tons of equipment based on this new operating system.

Microsoft demonstrated its latest equipment on September 22 during the online event of Microsoft Surface, which lasted a little less than an hour.But this short period of time was accompanied by news about products, since Microsoft introduced new 2-in-1 devices selected by Surface Laptop Studio (which we just examined), a hinged laptop that turns into a portable tablet, and, perhaps, the Apple machine could onlyDream to do.Microsoft also makes another blow by phone with two screens, representing Surface Duo 2.

Here is a complete presentation of new products that Microsoft has demonstrated today.All of them became available on October 5 and are running Windows 11 (released on October 4).

New Surface products are announced

Surface Laptop Studio: New 2-V-1 with a folding 14-inch display Surface Pro 8: Improved characteristics and camera 1080p Surface Duo 2: A phone with two screens and many updates Surface GO 3: Universal and affordable competitor iPad Surface Pro X: 2-in-1 on the basis of ARM is now cheaper

Here you will find more detailed information about all new Surface products and visit our centers to find out all the characteristics, prices and much more.

Surface Laptop Studio: This laptop for $ 1599 combines Surface Book and a desktop computer with a Surface Studio touch screen from Microsoft.The result is a powerful transformable laptop that turns into a tablet style, when you need a surface resembling a desktop computer for work.

Итоги мероприятия Microsoft Surface: Surface Laptop Studio, Surface Pro 8, Surface Duo 2 и другие

The 14.4-inch sensor screen operates in three modes, and everything works on the 11th generation Core Intel processor and the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti graphics.

Surface Pro 8: New 2-B-1 from $ 1099, Surface Pro 8 replaces Surface Pro 7 and created for Windows 11.You get Intel Core i5 and I7 processors of the 11th generation and a 13-inch touch display.With updated Full HD cameras (the better for integrating Microsoft Teams, which is coming from Windows 11).

Surface Duo 2: Microsoft is trying to correct the shortcomings of its original phone with two screens using the new Surface Duo 2 with the Snapdragon 888 processor and three rear cameras.The phone opens, opening a pair of facial panels, providing you with 8.3 inches of workspace.Surface Duo 2 costs $ 1499 and seems to be a natural competitor Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Surface GO 3: Another 2-V-1 product from Microsoft, Surface GO 3 seems to be aimed at children and students.At a price of $ 399, this is perhaps the most affordable device with Windows 11 support, which Microsoft announced today.

Surface Pro X: Microsoft spent little time on this tablet based on ARM for $ 899.The starting price is reduced by $ 100, and now in the LTE version there is an option only Wi-Fi.

In addition, Microsoft demonstrated Surface Slim Pen 2, a modernized digital feather with a built-in tactile engine that will work with many 2-V-1 devices announced today.Now there is Microsoft Ocean Mouse, partially made of processed oceanic plastic and Surface Accessible Kit, which simplifies the use of Microsoft equipment.

Let's look at the Microsoft Surface Event event in the form in which it happened.