Mozilla has recently imprinted the Firefox installation as a default browser in Windows 10 - and now this can be done in one click, the website of The Verge drew attention.

In the August update of Firefox 91, the developers went around the Windows 10 protective mechanisms, which complicated the default browser change.Prior to this, the shift took place with a mandatory transition to the Windows 10 settings section, where it was necessary to choose Firefox as a default browser, and Microsoft imposed the choice of Edge until the last.In one click it was possible to set the default browser only the branded Microsoft Edge.

Mozilla has reengineing the Microsoft Edge installation method as a default browser in Windows 10, and now Firefox also does this in the background without additional requests.Thus, the latest version of Firefox bypasses the built -in Windows 10 protection function from malicious.

Mozilla переиграла Microsoft и упростила установку Firefox в качестве браузера по умолчанию в Windows 10

Neither Chrome, nor Vivaldi, nor Opera, nor other Chromium browsers followed the example of Mozilla, and it is still unclear how it will ultimately react to this step by Microsoft.The representative of Microsoft told The Verge that this method is not officially supported in Windows.

In August, it turned out that in Windows 11 the company was going to more complicated the possibility of changing the browser and other default applications.

Microsoft complicated the default browser change in Windows 11