Microsoft announces that Windows 11 on most old computers will not interfere with the installation of Windows 11.Although the software manufacturer recommended the equipment for Windows 11, which it mainly adheres to, the restriction on the installation of the OS will be used only when trying to update Windows 10 to Windows 11 through the Windows update center.This means that anyone who has a PC with an old processor that has not officially passed the update test can still load the Windows 11 ISO file and install the OS manually.Here is the easiest way to do this since October 2021.

In June, Microsoft announced the minimum equipment for equipment for Windows 11 and made it clear that only the 8th generation Intel processors are officially supported.Now Microsoft informs us that this is a workarily intended for companies that want to evaluate Windows 11, and that people can update their own peril and risk, since the company cannot guarantee the compatibility of the drivers and the general reliability of the system.Microsoft will not recommend or advertise this Windows 11 installation method to consumers.In fact, after we published this post, Microsoft addressed us to tell you about one potentially giant trick, which she did not mention during our briefing: systems that are updated in this way may not have the right to receive Windows updates,even those that are related to security.Microsoft confirmed this at a briefing in October 2021.

In general, this is a big change, which means that from a technical point of view, millions of PCs will not be left without attention.Consumers will still have to make efforts to upload the ISO file and manually install Windows 11, which is probably not suitable for the vast majority.But for those who are happy to install Windows manually, the actual minimum Windows 11 specifications mean that generations of CPU do not matter if you have a 64-bit processor with a clock frequency of 1 GHz with two or more nuclei, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of memory.

In addition to the bypass path for installing Windows 11, Microsoft also sets up minimal system requirements to include more processors in them.Intel Core X-Series and Xeon W-Series will now be officially supported for Windows 11 updates, along with the Intel Core 7820HQ chip, which is located inside Surface Studio 2.

Microsoft tests these processors with Intel, but 7820HQ is supported only on devices that are supplied with declarative, component equipment support (DCH).Perhaps you have heard about DCH in the drivers of the graphic processor, and this is a cleaner and more secure driver design that Microsoft encourages the use of OEM manufacturers and manufacturers of equipment in recent years.Applications such as the control panels of the graphic processor are separated from the driver installed using DCH, which allows OEM manufacturers to serve them separately without the need to release new drivers' updates.

Microsoft не помешает вам установить Windows 11 на старые ПК

Microsoft will not officially support Zen 1 processors, despite their recent testing.“After a thorough analysis of the first generation of AMD Zen processors in partnership with AMD, we came to the conclusion that there are no additions to the list of supported processors,” the Microsoft command of Windows said in today's blog of the Microsoft blog.

Obviously, there is a workaround for installing Windows 11 on these old AMD systems, but Microsoft claims that devices that do not meet the minimum equipment requirements “had 52 percent more failures in the nucleus mode”.According to Microsoft, devices corresponding to the minimum official specifications "99.8% work without failures".

Microsoft updated its PC Health Check application, including new Intel processors and providing much greater clarity in why your computer cannot be officially updated.The new application for checking the PC will inform Windows users, whether they just need to turn on safe download or TPM 2.0 for updating, which is much better than a vague unfolding message that many met in June.

Microsoft also describes in detail how it has reached these minimum system requirements for Windows 11.Microsoft wants to push Windows to modern DCH drivers and technical safety using Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and vibs -based support (VBS).There is never a suitable time to try to change the requirements for equipment, but having a bypass, it softens the blow that Microsoft is trying to achieve in terms of improving security aspects, compatibility and reliability of Windows 11.

Update, 23:59 In the Eastern European time: added that Windows 11 updates may be at risk if you use the ISO installation method on a PC that does not meet the system requirements of the company.

Обновление 28 августа, 14:20 по восточноевропейскому времени: добавлена ​​ссылка на эту статью, в которой объясняется, что мы знаем об обновлениях для систем, которые не соответствуют требованиям.

Update October 7, 18:10 East time: Links to our new story about the simple way to update old Microsoft computers, as well as the story about the updated Microsoft PC Health Check.