Microsoft surprised many with the high requirements of Windows 11 to the hardware platform.For example, at the moment, only Intel Core processors are supported by 8 generations and higher, as well as AMD processors on the Zen 2. In the list of minimum requirements - at least 4 GB of RAM and TPM 2.0 hardware encryption module.For the beta version of Windows 11, accessible to users at the moment, there are options for bypassing restrictions, but in future versions of the Microsoft OS will close the bypass tracks.

This was said during the session of questions and answers about the update routes to Windows 11 and the tools for deploying OS for enterprises and companies.“We know that this is not good, that some will not be able to work with Windows 11, but it is important to remember that the reason why we [this] do is to make the devices more productive and safe than ever before,” said inMicrosoft.

Microsoft does not want administrators or ordinary users to constantly think about compatibility and in vain spending time loading Windows 11 in the event that the PC does not support it.Therefore, the company makes a large rate on the system of automatic determination of compatibility, for which telemetry data will be used, and the Windows update center will already inform you whether it is possible to install Windows 11 or not on a PC.

Microsoft запретит установку Windows 11 на несовместимые устройства. Нынешние методы обхода ограничений ОЗУ, модулей TPM и процессоров работать не будут

“Group policy will not allow you to circumvent [restrictions] of Windows 11 hardware. We will block the possibility of updating your device to an unsupported state, because we really want to make sure that your devices will be supported and safe,” the company explained.

What does it mean in practice?Apparently, only those users whose computers will fully comply with the final list of requirements for the new OS will be able to update to Windows 11.At the moment, it is still being specified.So, the CPU Intel Core 7 generation can include the list of processors supported by Windows 11.