On Friday, Microsoft said that the company is somewhat softens its minimum requirements for Windows 11, allowing enthusiasts that understand risks, load and update Windows 11 on an old, unfriendly equipment.However, the exact details remain unclear due to conflicting reports and the lack of an official statement by Microsoft.

Users who select the Autonomous ISO file Windows 11 (as described in the section on how to switch to Windows 11 beta version) will be able to use Windows 11, even if the PC does not meet the requirements for updating the OS.All reports ZDNET, The Verge, Windows Central and Thurrrott.COM included sources without sources from Microsoft representatives, who claimed to be able to launch Windows 11 on unsupported equipment.In some publications, it was assumed that Microsoft would comply with a set of minimum equipment requirements, while others simply ignored them.

Update: After the publication of Microsoft PR, PCWorLD answered with details about what is needed to launch Windows 11, and a big problem - the uninterrupted PCs will not receive updates through the Windows update center.Check out this story to obtain complete information about the compatibility of equipment.

But what are the requirements? This is what was said in every publication.The most incomprehensible detail is whether the TPM equipment is required to launch Windows 11 on an unusable PC.Update: there is different.Again, in the bound story, there is a complete information above.

For its part, Microsoft, it seems, still claims that Windows 11 will require a minimum set of equipment requirements, most of which have not changed.“We came to the conclusion that the selected compatible 64-bit processors, 4 GB of memory, 64 GB of storage, safe UEFI load, graphics and TPM 2.0 are the correct minimum systemic requirements for the implementation of the principles that we have established for the best support, ”the blog created by the Windows team said on Friday.

For clarity: in the Microsoft blog, it was not publicly stated that users will be able to download and install Windows 11 on unsupported equipment.PCWorLD asked Microsoft representatives to comment, and we will update this post when we get an answer.

Checking the performance of the PC returned

It seems formally that Windows 11 still includes a list of minimum technical characteristics of equipment.But it is still unclear whether the “uninquisitive” PC with Windows 11 requires minimum hardware specifications and what are these requirements for equipment in fact.Remember that one of the key problems related to the requirements for Windows 11 equipment was the need for a trusted platform module (TPM) and the required version of TPM.In the reports published today with details from Microsoft representatives, opinions were divided about whether TPM will be required to launch Windows 11 on unsupported computers, as indicated above.

Microsoft отступает: старые ПК неофициально смогут работать под управлением Windows 11

However, Microsoft has expanded the list of supported processors by including several Intel chips: the Xeon W and Intel Core 7820HQ series, which is present in Microsoft Surface Studio 2 (technically Surface Studio).2 is one of the “Selected devices that are delivered with modern drivers based on the principles of designing declarative, component apparatus applications (DCH)”).Microsoft also stated that she carefully analyzed the first generation of AMD Zen processors and came to the conclusion that this was not so.Adding any of these processors to the approved list.

Finally, Microsoft said she would release the updated version of the PC Health Check application, which was previously released.The new application (shown in the upper part of this article) includes “more complete and improved messages about the right to participation and links to relevant support articles, which include possible steps to correct”.Of course, the PC Health Check application means little if enthusiasts can still install the Autonomous Windows 11 on the equipment that the PC Health Check application, it would seem, rejects.

We know that those users who have old PCs will ultimately be able to launch Windows 11.But did Microsoft really clarify any problems related to Windows 11 on Friday? We would say no.Of course, it could have been, if the details in the official statement were in detail.But, having published private information in four publications, each of which reported a little in its own way, Microsoft simply confused Windows 11 even more.

Editor note: This article was originally published 27.08.21, но была обновлена ​​28.08.21 to enable the link to our article with more specific details and a note about unsupported computers that do not receive Windows updates.