Microsoft has made the updated Microsoft Store, which made it debuted with Windows 11, available for Windows 10 testers.Digital store offers a wider selection of applications than Windows 10 Store.

Those who want to try out a new store can subscribe to the pre -evaluation of Windows 10 Release Preview in the operating system.This is open to all, provided that the remote tracking is included in the OS.After that, the store will be updated to the new version.The updated store should be available to everyone “soon”, Rudy Joenn Joinn also the chief engineer from MS Store on Twitter.

The new repository is not very different from its predecessor, but it uses other terms for applications that can be expanded in it.If applications such as Discord, VLC, Adobe Reader, Libreoffice, Epic Games Store and Zoom were not available earlier, they can be found in the store in Windows 11 and, therefore, in the store in Windows 10 after this update.Applications were not transferred to UWP, but now the store offers, for example, Win32 applications.

Microsoft предлагает обновленный Microsoft Store с приложениями Win32 для тестеров W10 — ПК

Meanwhile, the Windows 11 version in the near future will be able to launch android applications.This will work through the new Windows subsystem for Android and the common Amazon App Store resource.This specification is available in the trial version for users in America.By the way, the wide user has an extension of the Google Play store is already working at Windows 11.