The new version of iPadOS installs and works not only on the iPad Pro. Apple has other tablets too, many of which are compatible with iPadOS 15. Starting with the second-generation iPad Air, fifth-generation iPad, and iPad mini 4, only tablets with the Apple A12 Bionic or something more will get full access to iPadOS 15 features. modern inside. The first developer beta is tailored for the M1 iPad Pro. They say that with the tasks of increased complexity, the iPad Air 3 and iPad mini 5 cope with a weak C grade. Due to numerous bugs and shortcomings. Beta versions are released just to identify them. But Air and mini are not obliged to cope with it, they have a different purpose - and they are fine with it.

iPad mini 5 is still a good choice in 2021

In the Apple lineup (in the golden cage of its ecosystem), phablets do not threaten the iPad mini. The largest iPhone (iPhone 12 Pro Max) has a diagonal screen size of 6.7 inches, i.e. 17.02 cm. The iPad mini has 7.9 inches, 20.07 cm. The difference of three centimeters is not so big, but she matters. The iPad mini has a more mature operating system, which is also important. And all the innovations of iPadOS 15 are available to him, it has Apple A12 Bionic. It is light, compact and can be put in your pocket.

Yes, if desired, iPad mini 5 fits in your pocket!

It's almost like a big smartphone, but thanks to iPadOS 15, it's more than just a content consumer. This is the most portable tool in the world to create it. On iPad mini, you can edit photos in Pixelmator, draw, draw, design. It has the same intuitive and fairly adequate multitasking. The Files app in mini is exactly the same as in the 12.9-inch M1 iPad Pro. Creating content on the iPhone is not accepted, and iOS is not optimized for this. The existence of mini makes sense. It (iPad mini 5) was very good from the start, but iPadOS 15 turns it into something with something. Try it, you won't regret it.

Why do you need an iPad mini?

Apple has a strange relationship with the iPad mini. Sometimes it seems that Apple is shy about it. That it has some kind of curse or seal of sin on it. By releasing it, Apple violated one of the precepts of Steve Jobs. Steve couldn't imagine what kind of fingers a person would have to have to be able to use a 7-inch tablet. In the early 2010s, 7-inch tablets were very popular, demand for them threatened the iPad, Tim and the company decided to strike back at the competition. In 2012, the iPad was released with a screen diagonal of 7.9 inches (20.07 cm). From 2012 to 2015, new iPad minis were released every year.

In the world, the demand for small tablets was falling. They were being supplanted by phablets called "shovels," and while the iPad mini didn't have a problem with it, someone at Apple took note of the trend.

The mystery of the iPad mini 3 haunts me.

But even that hasn't killed the demand for small iPads. It made me doubt them, they began to buy less, but despite someone's administrative efforts, mini survived. In 2015, the iPad mini 3, as it should have been, came out under the name iPad mini 4. And that was the end of their story. Developers were invited to other teams, someone just left. By the way, the iPad mini 4 is compatible with iPadOS 15, although I'm not sure if they will be good together. In March 2019, when the iPad mini had already been “buried”, and even rumors about its imminent release were not believed, the fifth generation iPad mini (simply, without any numbers or letters) came out. Sales of the iPad mini immediately grew 15 times. There is no demand, right?

What the iPad mini 5 lacks

At least a new design

Updates. The third generation iPad Air, released simultaneously with the iPad mini 5 in 2019, seems to have been updated in 2020. It turned out to be an insanely good iPad Air, devouring sales of the 11-inch iPad Pro with a crunch. All sorts of things are said about Steve, but about the fear of cannibalism of some company products by others, he said something completely different from what is commonly believed.

If you protect a product from cannibalism from our other products, that product will be eaten by competitors' products.

For the iPad mini to take its rightful place in the ecosystem of its native company, there are not enough keyboard and trackpad complexes compatible with it. They are urgently needed. And a Smart Connector or something new like it. And Thunderbolt/USB-C support. And a more powerful chip would not hurt him. And a larger screen - while maintaining its current size.

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What will be the iPad mini 6

Some time before the presentation of the M1 iPad Pro, a large list of tablets was allowed by the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC). The list contains only model numbers. The list included model numbers that became M1 iPad Pro model numbers, but some of the numbers are still not used by Apple. Obtaining permission to sell the tablet is one of the last operations before it enters the market. The product is developed, it is licked and successfully passed all tests. It's ready for sale.

At the end of last year and March-April of this, there were persistent rumors about the new iPad mini. With a display on the entire front surface, with Touch ID built into one of the buttons on the edge of its body (like the iPad Air 4), with thinner frames around the screen. Because of this, the size of the iPad mini display diagonally had to increase to 8.5-9.0 inches. Up to 8.7 inches, according to one of the leaks allegedly from testers. Now waiting for it in the fall.