Photo Gallery: HTC Flyer (U.S. Cellular)

Editors' Note: thanks to the Release of Recent, High-Quality Tablets, The Overall Score of the Flyer Has Been Adjusted Down From 7.3 To 6.

While the Rest of the Industry Ishing to Produce 10-Inch Tablets that Compete Directly AGainst the Apple iPad 2, HTC is Throwball Called the HTC Flyer.USING A 7-Inch Screen and Running Android 2.3, The HTC Flyer Feels Like An Echo of 2010's Samsung Galaxy Tab.Its Pricing is Also A Little Behind the Times, With A 32GB Model Price at $ 399 (Two-Year Contract, 5GB Monthly Plan) Or $ 599 (Two-Year Contract, 200MB MONTHY PLAN) in A TIME) in A TIME)-inch Tablets Can be Had for as Little as $ 400.

What's more puzzling is that the Wi-Fi-only version of the HTC Flyer currently sells for $299, which is a dramatic savings over this 3G-equipped version when you factor in the cost of two years' worth of monthly data charges.

DOES THIS Flyer Have Its Head in the Sand, Or is this Portable 7-Inch Tablet Worth Eve Penny?Let's Take A look.

Hardware Designthe Flyer Looks and Feels Like a High-End Take on the Samsung Galaxy Tab.The 7-Inch Screen Size and Surround Bezel Identical, BUT HTC Wraps Its Tablet in iPad-Like Aluminum with Two Strips OF NONSLIP RUBBER PADADING ON THE BACK.With A Little Brute Force, The Topmost Rubber Fitting Can Be Reveal a Microsd Memory Expansion Slot, Which is a Convent Design Trick Adopted From the World of SmartPhones.

.One Impressive Feature of the Navigation Controls is That They'll Reorient to the Screen Regardless of Whether You're Holdlet in Portrait Or Landscape.It's a Neat and Practical Trick, and One We Haven'T Seen Before.That Said, It's a Trick That Today's Android 3.0 Tablets Don'T NEED to Employ, SincE All Navigation Is Moved to the Scree of the Flyer You'll Find a Headphone Jeadphone Jeadphone Jeadphone Jeadphone Jeadphone Jeadphone Jeadphone Jeadphone Jeadphone Jeadphone Jeadphone Jeadphone Jeadphone JeadphereThe Right Edge Offers an Ample-Size Volume Rocker Along with Two Pinhole Microphones.The Back Holds a Pair of Small Speaker Grilles and 5-Megapixel Camera Lens Capable of HD Video Recording.

On the Bottom Edge of the Flyer Is A Unique 12-Pin Micro-USB Port, Compatible with the Included USB Sync Cable and Charging Adapter.At first blush, we found it annoying that htc woold a specialized concialized concrete for system system, but it turns out that out-pin-pin Micro-USB (Type B) Cable Wors JUSB (TYPE B) Cable Wors JUSB (Type B)All Those Extra Pins are just for htc's line of audio/video output Accessories.In the end, it's a model Example of How Manoufacturers can Maintain Basic Connection Standards While Still Incorporative Specialized Accessories.

HTC Flyer review: HTC Flyer

Overall, The HTC Flyer is A Solidly Built Little Tablet with A Lot of Attend to Details.But in Comparison with Apple's Highly Successful iPad 2, The HTC Flyer Is Relatively Thick and Its Screen Area Around Half to the iPad.There's an Argument to be made for Tablets with The Flyer's Smaller, More Portable Screen Size, But for Us, The Experience Offten Overlaps Too With Using A

The back of the HTC Flyer is a mixture of aluminum and white rubber, offering durability and an expensive feel.

Featuresas a 7-Inch Tablet Running Android 2.3, The Flyer Deesn`t Show Much We Haven'T Seen Seen Galaxy Tab Running Android 2.2.We Do AppredCiate HTC's Sense UI Customizations for Social Network Feeds and Commonly Used Applications (Mail, Internet, Stocks, Weather, Reader), But Thor Makes 15There are A Few Little Things That Made Us Smile, Such as Adobe Flash 10.1 Being Preinstalled, and the Browser's Default Setting to Load Full sits their mobile -optimiicized versions.Still, these are Refinements of An Os Designed for Smartphones, At a Time When Google Is Pushing A DistINCTLY DIFFERENT OS (Honeycomb) For us on Tablets.IT's Going Too Far to Say That HTC Is Putting Lipstick On a Pig, Butc Is Definite Putting Considerab Effort Into Dressing Up Android 2.3 To Make It Tablet-Worthy.

There Are Some Goodware Features Under the Hood, But It's Hard to Say IF You'll Really Them During EVERYAYDAY USE.The Flyer Runs on a 1.5ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor with 1gb of Ram, Whereas The Lower-Price Galaxy Tab Uses A8 Humming Procelird ProCessor is RAM.Both Include Bluetooth 3.0 and 802.11n Wi-Fi.Both Use Brilliant 1.024x600-Pixel-Redion Screens Covered in Durable, Scratch-Resistant Glass.The Flyer Uses a 1.3-megapixel Front Camera (Same as the Tab) and A 5-MEGAPIXEL Camera on the Back.By Comparison, The Tab's Rear Camera Is Limited by A 3-MEGAPIXEL Sensor, But HAS The Advantage of An Integrated Flash.IF YOU ASK US, Cameras on Tablets Feel Awkward, and Tend to Only Come in Handy For Video Chat.UNFORTUNATELYA, You'LLLLLLLLE to find your Own Video Chat Software for the Flyer, SincE The Included Google Talk Appsnat the Same Video-Eenabled App Feund in Honeycomb.

REALLY, The Flyer's Only Significant Differentriting Feature Is Magic Pen Or HTC Scribe Technology (ProvideDed by N-Trig).Oddly, for this u.S.Version, The Pen Itself Does Not Necessarily Come Included with the Tablet.INSTEAD, You may be asked to pay up to $ 40 to PURCHASE THE PEN AN OPTIONAL Accessory.It's a Shame;Without The Magic Pen, The Tablet's Dedicated Button for Launching Pen Utilities Is Justing You Time You Pick It Up.

On the Other Hand, The Pen Introduce an Extra Layer of Complexity that Not Eveony Will Apprede.For Example, You canm Actually Operate the Tablet with the Pen.When You Tap the Pen on the Screen, IT ITXPLICABLIS SNAPS A SCRENSHOT OF WHATEVER YOU'RE'RE'RETS TO MARK It Up with Virtual Ink.Any Navigation, Page Scrolling, Or App Launching Still Requires Your Fingers, Which Leads to a Back-Forth Dance Between Fingers and Pen.Put The Pen Down, and It Rolls Right Off the Table.Put The Pen in Your Pocket, and Its Clipless Design is Likely to Tumble to the Floor IF Down to Pick Someting Up.IF this Were a $ 2 Pen, WeLDNIT Complain So Much-But Again, Thus Are $ 40 Each.

HTC's Magic Pen has the feel of a Sharpie marker, but not the price of one.

Performanceth HTC Flyer is Undeniably Fun To Use.The Interface is Fast and Responsive.The HTC Sense Interface Puts An Emphasis On Connecting with Your Friends and Social Networks.Google's Excellent Core Apps Are Included, Such AS Gmail, Calendar, Gallery, Maps, Latitude, Navigation, Places, Talk, and, of Course, MarketPlace.The Included Multitouch Keyboard is Excellent and Easy to Type with Using Your Thumbs in BothScape and Portrait Orientation.Apps (Including the Camera) Launch Whin Seconds.The Web Browser Is Lean and Powerful, With An Impressive Selection of Advanced Settings that can be adjusted.All in all, it's event you'd hope for from a first-class HTC Smartphone.


It's a given now that consumers alriedy own a Smartphone and Expect a Tablet To Offer Someting Diffferent Beigger Screen.As an Accessory.

That Said, As the Rich Man's Galaxy Tab, The HTC Flyer Has Plenty To Brag ABOUT.The LCD Panel Quality is Beautiful and Offers Excellent Viewing Angles and Brightness.Image and Video Capture Quality Are Adequate, Though Not Exceptional.And if you've been looking for a Tablet with Sophisticated Tools for Note Taking and Document Annotation, The Flyer's Scribbe Technology is in Town.

Final Thoughsthe Htc Flyer is a Beautiful Little Tablet to Resembles HTC's Celebrated Line of Android Smartphones.UNFORTUNATELY, The Flyer Is Still A 7-Inch Gingerbread Tablet Living in An Increasingly 10-Inch, Honeycomb World.HTC MAY EVENTULALY BE ABLE to CARVE OUT A Niche for the 7 -Inch Pen-EnAbled Tablet, But Not at this Price.