Windows 11 уже доступна и будет установлена ​​на миллионах компьютеров по всему миру.But, as in the case of any new deployment of the OS, this will not happen overnight, and many Windows users will wait for some time until this magical notification of update appears.Do not want to wait? Do you need - you can, by making a little effort, download and install a new version of Windows right now.

However, keep in mind that, unlike previous Windows versions, you may not be invited to install Windows 11 if your computer does not meet its standards.This does not mean that you cannot install a new OS - Microsoft said that if you have an older car, you can access Windows 11, but you will need to download the Windows 11 ISO file and install the OS manually.(However, you may not receive automatic updates - instead, you may have to install a new ISO every time.)

Now that the update is deployed, you can check if it has arrived on your computer by moving to “Settings”> “Windows update Center”.If you have not received an update yet and want to know if your computer is suitable for working with Windows 11, you can download the Microsoft PC Health application (click here), which should tell you whether your car meets the requirements.

Как перейти на Windows 11 без очереди

If so, and you do not want to wait, that's how to install Windows 11:

Follow the instructions and you must be prepared for the immediate installation of Windows 11.