And, of Course, The Nexus 4 DIDNIT SUPPORT LTE and Only WORKED ON GSM-BASED NETWORKS, Leaving Verizon Customers Out in the Cold.UNFORTUNATELY, That's Still The Case with Google's Newest Flagship: Senior VP of Android Sundar Pichai Told Us that "Nexus 5 Will Not Be on Verizon."Somewhat Surpringly, The Nexus 5 Will Run on Sprint's Network - The Carrier is Listed as Google's Official Retail Partners, Making the Phone's Lack of Compatibylity with Vit Sublicity

The Tablet after it launched.Verizon then Quickly Said Its Woup Be Supported "Soon," But We Haverd Anything SincE.

Google's Nexus 5 won't come to Verizon, but 'a set of projects for 2014' will

However, It Sounds Like The Biggest Us Carrier and Google Will Havy Sochow us Next year.Pichai Also Made a Point to Mention that Google Was "Working with [Verizon] on a set of projects for 2014."WHETHER Verizon's collaboration with Google is A Modified Version of the Nexus 5, a New Tablet, Or Sometling Else Entirely Remains to Be Seen.