The Apple California Streaming event started on Tuesday, September 14, in Apple Park and was dedicated to the IPhone 13, the next generation of iPad and Apple Watch Series 7. Although we have not seen the announcement of Airpods 3, Apple announced many new lines for iPhone, iPle Watch. Continue to read to find out the details.

What was announced:

iPad and iPad mini

Today, Apple has announced the next generation of the iPad. You can expect that the Bioronic chip A13 will have 20% higher performance than its predecessor, which makes it three times faster than Chromebook. In addition, the iPad operating system will be built into this iPad OS 15, which will contribute to the expansion of the camera’s capabilities for both the front and the rear chamber, which will use the Center Stage.Apple technology also introduced True Tone, which allows you to automatically regulate the light in the room, so your eyes will be less tired after long periods use. It was also announced that it would easily work with Apple Pencil and Apple keyboards for notes and drawing.

For $ 329 ($ 299 for teachers) you can count on 64 GB of memory and all day of autonomous work. He will be available next week.

IPad mini was also announced. He will be made in a star, purple, pink and cosmic gray color with a Retina liquid crystal display, which expands to an 8.3-inch screen. It also provides up to 80% of the higher graphics processor performance and up to 40% moreThe high performance of the processor.touchid is built into the power button for additional safety.

The camera is equipped with 12-megapixel lenses in the ultra-hot-angle front and rear chambers. He has the opportunity to remove 4K in 4K format and an improved acoustic system for filming and listening on the go. He also has the capabilities of the USB-C port and works with second-generation Apple Pencil, whichYou can magnetically attach to the side of the device.

The iPad mini will cost $ 499 and comes in configuration with Wi-Fi and cellular communications. He will be available next week.

Apple Watch Series 7

The release of Apple Watch Series 7 was announced, which will replace the Apple Watch Series 6 as the best smart watches for the period from 2021 to 2022.Thanks to Watch iOS8, Watch are supplied with improved bicycle drives and more accurate fitness tracking. You can count on the functions of ECG and oxygen monitoring in the blood. The Retina’s new display shows an increase in the screen area by another 20%, and the boundaries are 40% thinner and the borders are thinner andThey have a size of a little more than 1 mm.

The case and display are smoothed out and completely integrated by the clock. The fairness of the display is increased by 70%, so you will not have to see time with all your might. The screen can fit 50% more text, and new keyboard options for typing. New modular face will appear.Allow users to configure the interface.

As for durability, the front crystal is stronger and more reliable, it will have an IP6 dustproof certificate and WR50 waterproofness. You can count on 18 hours of autonomous work and charging, which is 33% faster than that of its predecessor. All over 45 minutes will provide autonomous hours.

The clock will be represented in various colors: midnight, star light, green, blue, red, silver, black and titanium. There will also be leather options. To compensate for the environmental impact, Apple will use 100% processed materials in a clock.

Series 7 will be available later this fall at a price of $ 399.

Apple fitness +

In combination with the Fitness + clock, it will offer many different options for building a training regime. At present, it is available in six countries, and this fall this year will be another 15.

Pilates is also added to Fitness + along with controlled meditation to create exciting videos. The same meditation will also be available in the audio form so you can meditate using Watch Series 7 watches.

Apple also announced the exchange application - Fitness + Group Workouts with SharePlay. WHAT IS IN THE SHOULD, you can train with 32 your friends.

The first iPhone 13 with a high update frequency

Событие Apple iPhone 13: все анонсировано

Not surprising anyone, Apple introduced its iPhone 13 during the September 14 event. Last year, the iPhone 12 was released with great success, more than 100 million units were sold at a time when competitors such as Samsung fought their equivalent flagships.AppleHe hopes to repeat this success with the iPhone 13.

The design consists of an aluminum frame of five colors: pink, midnight, star light, red and gray. Plastic water bottles from processed material are an outer shell that has an IP68 waterproof and a very strong display of ceramic glass.

Apple reduced its weight and increased the battery capacity so that the phone looks better and work longer. The A14 Bionic chip will be replaced by the more powerful A15, which is 50% faster than any other phone on the market. Tenth billion transistors also guarantee that the iPhone 13 will work faster,than its competitors. A four -core graphic processor will allow you to play with graphics 30% faster. The device will be launched on iOS 15 and will support 5G in more than 60 countries.

More subtle changes in the iPhone 13 touched the displays and cameras. Theapple included the update frequency of 120 Hz in the OLED display with a brightness of 1200 threads in the iPhone 13 mini and the iPhone 13, which made them the first panels with a high frequency of update. The maintenance mode and Rack Focus will also appearIn the iPhone 13, so you can make high -quality films with a light focus switch to objects.

Larger batteries can also help compensate for the potential discharge of the battery due to more smooth displays. You can count on 2.5 hours of longer use on the iPhone 13 and 1.5 hours more on the iPhone 13 mini. The intellectual data transfer mode will extend the service lifeBatteries to LTE, when 5G speeds are not needed, increasing the battery life.

SIRI sound requests will not leave your phone, and new security functions will prevent your data from entering the third -party companies. Magsafe will also be included in the 13th line. Magsafe you can also use your phone to find your wallet.

Как и в случае с iPhone 12, Apple представит телефон в двух версиях - iPhone 13 за 799 долларов и iPhone 13 Mini за 699 ​​долларов.Хранилище начинается с 128 ГБ с возможностью увеличения до 512 ГБ.

IPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max

Корпус iPhone 13 Pro выпускается в четырех цветах: графитовый, золотой, серебряный и новый сиерра-синий.На новой передней панели установлена ​​камера, которая на 20% меньше.Керамический экран на передней панели является лучшим в отрасли и обеспечивает водонепроницаемость IP68.Задняя панель из нержавеющей стали окружает три новые камеры.

Pro 13 Max also joins this phone, and both boasts their own Apple A15 Bionic chip with two high -performance cores and four new high -efficient nuclei to accelerate graphics up to 50%. The display engine offers the Super Retina XDR display, which is 20%, and the improvement, andUpdate with a frequency of up to 120 Hz. The intellectual chip adapts the frame rate in accordance with the user speed to optimally view pages and the gameplay.

You can count on the size of 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches for Pro and Pro Max, respectively. 77 mm object, the ultra -high -speed F1.8 lens and a durable wide -angle lens F1.5 will offer a wide range of available photo shoot options. Camers will also use macrophotography forA detailed close -up of up to 2 centimeters.

As for the video of the possibilities, Apple said that these phones are the most powerful at the moment, and users will be able to change the focus and side of the camera lens after shooting. Macro Slow -Mode is another function that will be available in this iPhone line. These are the same.functions, you can also count on shooting 4K at a speed of 30 frames per second in the Prores function.

Although the specifications were not discussed, the battery will work 2.5 hours longer in Pro Max and for 1.5 hours in Pro. If you need a larger storage volume, the Pro line will have a storage of up to 1 TB, including options 128 GB, 256 GB and512 GB.Iphone 13 Pro will cost $ 999, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max - $ 1099. You can pre -order starting on Friday, September 17, and they will be available on September 24.

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