Samsung is one of the leaders of the smartphone market.The company's devices are constantly winning in industry competitions.For example, the Samsung Galaxy Fold display received a prestigious Display Industry Award from Society for Information Display, which indicates the high quality of the screen of this innovative smartphone.Or the prestigious European Hardware Community Awards: in 2020, the jury called Samsung the best brand of smartphones.And this has an effect: according to Statcounter, the company in 2020 took confident 30% and is in the first place in sales of smartphones.

So why do customers love Samsung Galaxy?Why choose them?We decided to understand this issue and found several reasons.


Samsung would not have become such a large company if it had not satisfied users at least two parameters: choice and quality.

A large selection is already one of the answers to the question why you should choose Galaxy devices.Samsung is the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world.And absolutely does not matter how much money you give for the Samsung device.Buying them, you will be sure that smartphones will last you for a long time and will give pleasure throughout the entire service life, since their quality is on top.

Today, Samsung offers smartphones for almost any wallet and taste: flagships Galaxy S21 and S21+, ultimatic Galaxy S21 Ultra, or smartphones for people engaged in business, - the Galaxy Note line.I am pleased with the image devices Galaxy Z.

The buyer can gradually raise the class of selected devices.You can start with the ultra -bunch Samsung Galaxy A01, go to the conditional Galaxy A51, and then realizing that the best cameras among the devices of the company, the fastest processors, the newest technologies, reach the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Moreover, the transition to a new device is very simple: it is enough to leave two smartphones next to each other when setting it up and note that it is necessary to transfer data from one device to another.And all photos, all applications, accounts and folders will be in the same place as on the previous device.That is, the user does not need to get used to the new shell and the new location of applications and files.


Samsung Galaxy is not only smartphones.In addition to them, the company also produces tablets, wearable devices, headphones, SSDs, displays, laptops (inaccessible in Russia), household appliances, TVs - Samsung technique can be in every room of your home!And now the company has released a product of a new category-a keychain-tank, with which you can track where your things are located.

Samsung Galaxy Buds headphones have long gained popularity among the audience, which adds to their sound legend.Galaxy Buds Live, in the opinion of Wylsacom Media, became very comfortable liners that are kept in any ears at all, and Buds Pro continue to hold the brand - these are excellent “plugs” with a noise!

Or new device - Samsung Galaxy Smarttag.Using this mark, you can find things to which it connects.It connects as simple as headphones: just bring Samsung Galaxy to your smartphone and a hint will come up on the screen, what to do next.By connecting it, you can always find out where your thing is located.Even if your smartphone is not nearby.

You can start writing notes for working on your smartphone and, having felt that you need a larger screen, go to the Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet - the note will already be there.Data exchange between devices occurs using Samsung Flow technology.Here you can seamlessly work with text files, tables, photos and even videos.


Samsung smartphones are considered one of the main cameras.This opinion has been there for several years, which is confirmed by different ratings.For example, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G was the first smartphone in history to receive more than 100 points in the DXOMARK ranking for the video.

But here we are talking primarily about the last Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.He has five cameras, including frontal, and everyone is striking.We flew specifically for the photo test to Istanbul, one of the team even returned with the “crown”, but it was worth it: the pictures on the “Ultra” are really very cool for the smartphone.

A really successful mixture of 3 × and 10 × optical zoom is especially striking, they do a great job of tasks set in front of them in almost any conditions.And it turned out especially well in Istanbul-in this city you get tired of walking because of all the mountains on which it stands.

Почему стоит обратить внимание на смартфоны Samsung?

Do not forget about the 108 MP mode.You are standing, it means that in Istanbul on the Galata Tower and photograph the Aiya-Sofia mosque-it is located on the other side of the bay.And then propagate-thoroughly, thoroughly!Here are the details of one picture:

No less cool thing - film mode, where you can simultaneously shoot all cameras except 10 ×, switching between them straight gluing.You will receive a similar feature on other Samsung Galaxy S21 models, but with an emphasis on those cameras that are installed there.

The shooting with four cameras became possible thanks to Exynos 2100-an eight-core system-on-chip, built according to the 5-nm technology process.This is one of the most powerful solutions in the market that copes with both everyday tasks and something resource-intensive like image processing from four cameras at once or starting heavy games.

By the way, Exynos 2100 allowed to record a video in 4K 60 FPS.And these are not stupid 60 frames - the result of the flagship "samsung" is excellent even with this quality of video.

Stylus S Pen

This year, Samsung decided to expand the range of devices with S Pen support to the flagship line Galaxy S.So, S21 Ultra received a screen with a touch layer developed by Wacom - a recognized leader in the market of graphic tablets.

The stylus easily and pleasantly slides along the “Ultra” screen, it works with a delay of 9 ms, invisible to the eye.If you decide that you need S PEN, you can buy two versions: ordinary, which works using an electromagnetic field, or a Bluetooth version.With the help of the latter, you can also control the smartphone - for example, take a picture while a few meters from it.


Samsung Knox is a security platform that is built into smartphones, tablets, wearable devices and even household appliances at the production stage.It protects your payments, passwords and biometric data, and also checks the smartphone for dubious processes.

This year, the KNOX platform received another innovation: the Private Share function, with which you can delete all related data from photographs so that the recipient does not recognize, for example, the place where the photo is taken.It is also now possible to decide who and what information receives and for what time it will be available to him.

It is worth adding that Samsung supports its smartphones with constant updates for three years, which expands the functionality of past models, for example, new shooting modes, and also ensures safety.


Many note that the Galaxy S21 line turned out to be very successful in terms of design.I really came in the “custom” versions that can only be ordered on the official website of Samsung:

I would love to drive S21 Ultra with a carbon block of cameras with a brown - it looks very cool.

Galaxy S21: Galaxy S21 also offers excellent color combinations Samsung.

At the same time, the S21 and S21+ block of cameras seem to me more elegant.It is a pity that there is no such abundance of cameras and laser autofocus that Ultra has..

In front of us is met by an amazing display with the Dynamic AMOLED 2X matrix.In the compact S21, its diagonal is 6.2 inches, in Galaxy S21+ - 6.7, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra has 6.8 inches.The first models received Full HD+, and Ultra - Quad HD+ with a resolution of 3200 × 1440 pixels.Users can establish the adaptive smoothness of the display, so that, depending on the script, it updates the image with a frequency range of 10-120 Hz.

The picture on these screens is excellent.Especially the screen is good in the sun, which we found in Istanbul.The benefit of 1,500 thread makes themselves felt - brightness is more than enough.

I also noted the plane of the screen.No “waterfalls” that look beautiful only on promoted ones, but are as impractical as possible in use due to phantom presses.The Galaxy S21 line is slightly bent for the convenience of the user, but the display itself is flat.That is, there are no distortions of the picture, and awkward hands do not press where it is not necessary.

Prices and availability

Three smartphones Galaxy S21 in Russia are available in the following versions:

The company constantly holds shares during pre -orders.This year, during the pre -order of the Galaxy S21 smartphones, customers were given new headphones with the active Samsung Galaxy Smarttag Samsung Samsung Summary Summary.

You can also profitably purchase a device thanks to Samsung financial programs.For example, according to the Samsung Upgrade program, the benefit will be 50%: a monthly payment for 12 months, taking into account the smartphone insurance, will cost from 3125 rubles.

In addition, you can purchase a device according to the Trade-In program.Here the benefit is up to 58,600 rubles in the Samsung online store or branded retail.

In addition, the smartphone is available in installments for 36 months.In this case, the brand new Galaxy S21 Ultra will cost from 3055 rubles per month.

All details on the link.

The text is written with the support of the Russian unit Samsung.