Last week on Photoar.RU published many thematic news, as well as exclusive materials.In today's traditional top 10, we will analyze the most important and popular news photos and video industry and do not forget to go again through the most important reviews from Photoar.RU.

One of the main reviews of the past week is a detailed analysis of work with the top laptop MacBook Pro 16 on the M1 Max chip.At the moment, this is the most productive and energy -efficient solution from Apple in the laptop segment.

In the review, the photographer Pavel Molchanov showed in detail the possibilities of the laptop, the speed of processing photos and the Render video.Work in the studio, shooting in a laptop, import, processing, export of photographs in Capture One, work with two monitors, a test for the speed of disks and ports, and even a comparison of speed with the MacBook Pro M1.See in more detail in the review:

Also Photoar.RU взял интервью у музыканта и фотографа Стаса Намина.Timofey Dobrovolsky talked with Namin in his theater - about the photograph, about the exhibition "Unity of the counterpoint", which contains the main pictures of Namin.

The conversation turned out to be rich and largely indicative for the viewer who is not familiar with the photos of Namin.

On Photoar.RU был опубликован обзор жесткого диска SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD (объем 1ТБ).The external hard drive was tested in terms of speed of work: Reading speed 389.2 MB/s, and the recording speed, oddly enough, is higher - 399.5 MB/s.

Such indicators allow us to mount 4K 60 frames per second in the PRORES 422 HQ or RAW 4K 30FPS format without any sagging and lags..At the same time, when testing with different laptops, the hard drive showed a completely different result.

A review of the Tokina ATX-M 23mm f/1 lens was also presented.4 for Fujifilm X-Mount cameras.The optics installed a quick and absolutely silent st-m motor.However, the lens does not have protection against poor weather conditions and dust.

Like Fuji branded lenses on Tokina ATX-M 23MM F1.4 x there is a separate wheel control wheel.However, unlike branded lenses, the wheel has no clicks.

In the review, a new lens is examined in detail and its capabilities with the Fujifilm X-Mount system.

We move on to the main news of the past week.The most views scored the news about Sony - the manufacturer stopped the production of Sony A7C and Sony A6600 cameras.

The application posted on the official website of Sony Japan notes that the company no longer accepts orders for a full-frame mirrorless camera Sony A7C and APS-C flagship-Sony A6600, since “purchase of details for digital image processing devices is delayed due to global lack of semiconductors”.Moreover, the manufacturer said that current orders for these cameras may remain unfulfilled.“In addition, some orders will be suspended,” added to Sony Japan, clarifying that they will keep retail sellers and consumers in the course of the supply of supplies.

Earlier, the company stopped the production of three other cameras: Sony A6400, A6100 and A7II for the same reason.

The second news is about the new full -frame camera of Canon EOS R5C, which the company will present in the first quarter of 2022.The main characteristics of the Canon EOS R5C (information is not confirmed by official sources):

The third news about Sigma lenses for Fujifilm X (APS-C) cameras.The company previously announced the relevant plans, however, apparently, it will no longer have time to release lenses until the end of 2021.In this regard, Fujifilm's lenses for APS-C are waiting for a lens for APS-C already in 2022.

An exhibition of CES 2022 (early January 2022) or CP+ 2022 (February 24-27) can be a potential event for the announcement..

ТОП 10 новостей фотоиндустрии| Canon EOS R5c и 35-600mm, iPhone 14

Sigma once again confirmed the fast optics announcement for Fujifilm X-Mount.

“This is just a matter of indefinite time.The patience of the owners of Fuji X will ultimately be rewarded ... We hope that in the near future there will be lenses with the mount of the X Mount, ”Sigma said.

The fourth news concerns a very promising Canon patent for several lenses for mirrorless cameras.So, the Canon RF 35-600mm f/4-7 lens was patented.2.There was no such optics on the Bayonet RF-Mount yet.

Information about whether this patent will be implemented in the final device is not yet.However, the publication of the data of the patent application says that the manufacturer is developing a universal zoom object for the mirrorless chambers of the RF-Mount system.

The fifth news is about the new monitors from LG for Content creators.The first of these monitors was LG Dualup 28MQ780, which opens a new series of Dualup monitors.

A feature of the Dualup series and directly the LG Dualup 28MQ780 monitor itself is a non -standard part of the parties 16:18 and new possibilities for multitasking.

The second monitor presented - LG Ultrafine Display 32uq85r.It belongs to the Ultrafine series and its feature is a high resolution and high -quality color rendering.

The sixth news-about the new Sigma lens for the Sony E-Mount and L-Mount Bayonet.Sigma 20mm f/2 lens.0 DG DN will be announced in the first half of 2022.

The lens will receive a system of autofocus and will be quite compact.Optics weight - 370 grams.Minimum focusing distance: 22 cm.It is reported that the retail price of this lens will be 60 thousand rubles.

Seventh news - about the main camera of the iPhone 14 smartphone.It is reported that the smartphone will receive the main 48-MP module, which will significantly improve photos and videos.

In addition to this module, advanced devices (iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max) will receive two 12-megapixels.Most likely it will be wide -angle and the body of the modules.

Self-camera in advanced models will be “crashed” into the display.Younger models will continue to use the remote module “bangs” for front chambers.

More details about the upcoming flagship from Apple - read the news:

Sony will present a medium -format camera with a matrix for 200 MP.This was announced by one of the sources - and this is the eighth news on Photoar.RU за прошедшую неделю.

It is reported that the area of this sensor in 2.25 times more than the area of a typical sensor 36 × 24 in chambers with Sony E and Fe fastening.

Moreover, the same source hinted that Sony is also preparing a specialized adapter for installing Sony E-Mount optics for a new system, for which only three lenses would initially present.

Ninth news - about the deadlines for the supply of Nikon Z9 cameras.This full -frame jerking camera appeared on sale since December 23, 2021.

Members of Nikon Professional Services, who pretended to be the flagship camera Nikon Z9, should receive an email when their camera is sent.If you are a participant in the NPS and have already placed a preliminary order for Z9 by an authorized seller, but did not send a request for the NPS priority delivery, you can do this through the Nikon Professional Services control panel.

During the announcement of the flagship jerkalous Nikon Z9 camera, it was reported that the camera could shoot a video in 8K RAW format at a speed of up to 60 frames per second.This opportunity will be added with a new firmware, which will become available in 2022.

Photoar.RU обязательно протестирует новую камеру от компании Nikon.

The tenth and last news that I wanted to report was announced - the Kenko 400mm f/8 n ii s lens was announced.

Thanks to the use of the mirror in the company's lens, it was possible to significantly reduce the dimensions of this new telecommunications and it came out very compact and easy.The Kenko 400mm F/8 N II S lens is made using mirror-linza technology and is not able to change the diaphragm-it is fixed F/8.

The lens supports only manual focusing.There is no autofocus.

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