Samsung, which itself is engaged in the production of single -chip systems and other microcircuits, is included in the list of companies suffering from a lack of semiconductor products all over the world.In particular, the Galaxy S21 Fe smartphone suffered from this, which was allegedly canceled, but then Samsung said that the decision to cancel has not yet been made.

Now South Korean sources report that the smartphone will still go on sale, but the launch has been transferred from the beginning of August to October.In addition, it is reported that the smartphone will be released by limited edition and far from all countries of the world.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe, which is expected to become a more affordable version of the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S21.It will not be released in South Korea, Japan or China, but will go on sale only in the USA and Europe.

На радость фанатам: доступный флагман Samsung Galaxy S21 FE выйдет в октябре

Insiders said that Samsung was considering the possibility of complete cessation of production, but due to the popularity of the Samsung Galaxy Fe series, the South Korean manufacturer decided to release the novelty with limited circulation.A few days ago, the famous journalist Roland Quandt said that Samsung had already released several tens of thousands of smartphones.

Lack of microcircuits also affected the Galaxy Note series, which will return only next year.