Believe it, you want not, but choosing an iPhone in the offseason is much more difficult than at the time of the release of the new model.The freshness of impressions from the novelty and still high prices for apparatus of previous generations make a choice at least a little, but easier.However, over time, when prices become lower, it is not so simple to make a final decision in favor of a particular model.Here, willy-nilly, you begin to think, but what is better: to save and buy a model easier or pay extra and take a better device?But sometimes there is no sense in this, especially when it comes to iPhone 11.

iPhone 11 significantly fell into Russia and became more attractive for buying

Apple, where did the iPhone go in color pink gold?

The retail price of the iPhone 11 in Russia sank to an absolute minimum.Now, according to Yandex.Market, its price starts from 46 thousand rubles.Below this mark the subflagman apparatus Apple 2019 of the model year has never been worth.

Buy iPhone 11 at a discount

iPhone 11 for 64 GB can be bought for 46 thousand rubles

In fact, the price of the iPhone 11 in Russia was already falling below 50 thousand rubles about a year ago.Therefore, it may seem that it is a little strange to note its decrease to 46 thousand rubles, but this is not so.The fact is that a year ago the ruble in relation to the dollar and the euro was more expensive, and now the cost of domestic currency seriously sagged.Therefore, the fact that the iPhone 11 fell to an absolute minimum means a lot.

At the moment, the lowest price for the iPhone 11 is certainly found in the gray market, where sellers can afford to import smartphones into Russia bypassing official supply channels.Not only do they not pay import duties, they still do not pay VAT.As a result of the device that they trade, they get at least 20% cheaper than white retailers.

Many smartphones will not come out this year, but not iPhone.And that's why

The official retail iPhone 11 costs a little more - around 50 thousand rubles.The cheaper thing is in m.Video.There with the promotional code Wow8, you can buy a device for 50,600 rubles.If you wish, you can reduce the price even more by registering installments on the apparatus, and then extinguish it ahead of schedule.At the same time, for the maximum discount, you need to make installments for the maximum period - 24 months.In this case, the size of the discount can reach 20%, which is very, very noticeable.

Is it dangerous to extinguish the installment plan ahead of schedule

Цена iPhone 11 в России опустилась до 46 тысяч рублей. Как сэкономить ещё больше

Installment needs to be taken for the maximum term, even if you repay it on the second day

No need to be afraid to take installments, and then extinguish it ahead of schedule.I talked about how it works in a separate article - be sure to read.It is widely believed that such manipulations lead to a decrease in the credit rating and generally exhibit the one who does this in a negative light in front of banks.But this is the deepest misconception for several reasons:

Is it worth buying iPhone 11 in 2021

In my opinion, the iPhone 11 is one of the best Apple smartphones available at the moment.Despite the fact that it is objectively inferior to the iPhone 12, it must be borne in mind that the novelty costs tangibly more.Today the classic iPhone 12 cannot be found cheaper than 62 thousand rubles.That is, overpayment is obtained at least 17 thousand rubles.

iPhone XR is not the smartphone that you need to buy in 2021.Take better iPhone 11

No, of course, in the case of iPhone 12 there is something to pay for.Amoled-screen, Magsafe-charging, more modern and compact housing and increased design strength-all this makes the novelty an excellent solution for buying for long-term.But on the side of the iPhone 11, the high time of autonomous work, the still high level of performance, the abundance of shooting modes, including the night regime and Deep Fusion, and, of course, long and stable software support.

3 reasons why iPhone users go to Android

Someone will say that there is also an iPhone XR, which is even cheaper than iPhone 11.On good days, it can be found according to the action for 39,990 rubles.But, as for me, those 6 thousand rubles that you will divert when buying XR are not worth it.Not only do you get the device for a whole year older, but without advanced photo stamping modes.But the night mode and technology for improving the frame of Deep Fusion are really expensive.So here I would not save.