November 16, 2015

Artem Lutfullin


Recently, rumors appeared on the network that in 2016, Apple, among other things, will present a compact smartphone with a 4 ’’ screen diagonal, in the spirit of models of two years ago - bright times when Apple did not capture the same ideas as other manufacturers.Later similar hearing appeared about the new device from Meizu.As if the Chinese are preparing a reduced version of Meizu Pro 5 with the mini prefix and a really small screen by modern standards - with a diagonal of 4.7 ’’ and preserving the characteristics of the flagship, without compromises.Perhaps all these are just dreams, but so nice to dream!

To dream that in 2016, manufacturers will calm down a little and move away from the principle “If the flagship, then the shovel!”.Yes, this year there were quite good devices with a large diagonal of the screen.Even budget devices, and they are already concentrated mainly in the category of 5 inches, as if everyone has sharply forgotten about more compact models.Meanwhile, it is worth picking up a smartphone with a diagonal 4.2 - 4.7 inches, and it turns out that it is very convenient!Of course, if over the past three years you have been using the Samsung Note line exclusively, you are unlikely to miss compact smartphones.But I sometimes install the main SIM card in Meizu MX2 (4.4 ’’) for one or two days or I just pick up HTC HD2 (4.3 ’’) And I understand that the dimensions of these devices are comfortable for me and today, years after their entry into the market.

Using mx2, I do not feel any problems or lack of screen area due to its compact size.Rather, everything rests on obsolete characteristics, so, of course, I can’t use such a device longer than a couple of days, just for an experiment.Outdated cameras, unable by modern standards, the interface and other things make themselves felt.But dimensions!They are damn comfortable and correct!

Золотой стандарт, или разговор про габариты смартфона —

Holding the smartphone in one hand, I can easily reach the thumb of the same hand to almost every edge of the screen.With active use, I do not need to intercept the device or connect the second hand to poke an element of the interface completely remote from the right lower area in the program or settings.The smartphone takes up little space in the pocket, finally.Yes, a device with a diagonal 4.4 ’’ do not protect the ear from gusts of wind, they can not dig, and he is probably not very suitable for evening viewing the video at home, lying on the couch.But as a working tool, a smartphone with a diagonal up to five inches, in my opinion, remains still relevant and convenient.

And what is the diagonal of the screen for a powerful smartphone optimal and convenient do you think personally for yourself?And why?