Foreign journalists have already received the iPhone one3/one3 mini, iPhone one3 Pro and iPhone one3 Pro Max.

They spent a short time with devices, but already made general impressions of the devices.All praise the display of one20 Hz, the camera and battery life, but they also found the shortcomings.

We understand.

one.The Verge

Camera is the strongest side of the iPhone one3 Pro

Among the first were the journalists ofThe Verge resource.

Among the main innovations, they noted a substantially increased time of work from the battery.In the early morning, they constantly shot photos and videos in 4K resolution on a smartphone.By 23:00, about 20% of the charge remained on the usual “Priest”.

The intensive load was about 4 hours.With more moderate use, the iPhone reached 20% after 7 hours.

About the autonomy of the iPhone one3 Pro Max can not say anything now, they tested too little the device.But taking into account the fact that the iPhone one2 Pro Max worked for about two days, then the best results are expected from the new flagship.

As for the slightly modified case, the iPhone one2 Pro covers are not suitable for the iPhone one3 Pro due to the enlarged block of cameras.

As for the new LTPO display with an update frequency of one20 Hz, it is called one of the best, although in the world of Android devices this frequency is not a novelty.The main difference from many analogues: when scrolling the text, it remains as readable as possible, and not erod.It feels like an iPhone dynamically changes Hertzovka depending on the speed of movement with a finger.

The display itself slightly affects energy consumption due to the fact that it constantly changes the frequency of the image update.

Finally, the publication notes a strongly pumped main camera.Apple is not played with a one00-fold zoom, but works on quality with 3 times.The difference with the past generation is felt, especially in portrait mode and at night shooting.

Filmed in macro -regime

The wide -angle camera began to shoot a video even better.Journalists do not see her equal at all, and this is mainly the merit of the technology of displacement of the sensor from the iPhone one2 Pro Max.This year, iPhones evade the usual yellowness, filters for livers allow you to shoot photos and videos in colder colors.

They did not particularly speak about cinematographic shooting, since there was not enough time to test it.Journalists say that the novelty is good in portrait shooting of the video, but they are not sure that this is really the same level as stated.

In general, updating from the iPhone one2 Pro to the iPhone one3 Pro is more than justified.It was impossible to say similar a year ago.


Removes amazingly, and works for a very long time

CNET journalists were more restrained for impressions.

They were pleased with the Promotion display with an update frequency of one20 Hz.But they started a review from another - with a reduced cutout in the screen:

Neckline in the screen is 20% less.It is not so wide, but still.It is fair to say that it annoys me 20% less.

By weight, the difference is almost not noticeable, the iPhone one3 Pro became one5 grams heavier, and the Max version is one2.And in the case of the first device it is felt a little stronger.

Super -hot -angle lens began to absorb more light.And this positively affected the night shooting.Firstly, noise has become noticeably smaller, and secondly, all night pictures on it (and on other lenses) are taken even faster.

When approaching a close object, the main camera automatically switches to a super -stroke.In this case, the macro mode is activated, but there is not enough manual torsion to switch modes.One way or another, the journalists called this macro -regenerate the best of the existing ones in smartphones.

Вышли первые обзоры iPhone one3 Pro. Что хвалят, а что ругают

I really liked the automatic shift of the focus between people in the frame.It is necessary to do this with objects manually, but this happens so quickly that it does not cause any discomfort.

Objects, like moving water, can periodically fall out of the focus during shooting in cinematic mode.

According to the first measurements in Geekbench, the iPhone one3 Pro Max was slightly more productive than the usual “prick” in multi -core mode.

Curious fact: iPhone one3 Pro Max has disconnected for a few days of use without any reason.But this is hardly a massive problem.

In general, the publication remained rather flagships.And somewhere they even ahead of competitors technologically.


Cinematographic mode is what a new iPhone should be taken for

Among the first testers was the authoritative edition of Wired.

Journalists admired the display with the frequency of update one20 Hz.They literally saw how the frequency changes depending on use.So, when reading and light starting, the screen worked quite slowly, and with active leafing at the Instagram tape, it included one20 Hz for the maximum smooth display of content.

It is a pity that Always-on-Display did not appear, but even without it, while it lives normally.

The publication more sympathizes with the iPhone one3 Pro than the 6.7-inch iPhone one3 Pro Max due to the size of the screen.Reaching all areas on it is much easier.

Another plus: the screens have become noticeably brighter, in the sun content is perceived perfectly.Moreover, even if the smartphone is heated and slightly reduced the maximum brightness.

It was upset that the iPhone is still hard to switch to night mode in automatic mode.It is more often easier and faster to do it manually.And in the case of "Propes" it has a great meaning, given the increased lights.I also pleased automatic focus on the ultra -high -round chamber, it was very missing earlier.

Remove small details on super -cheat - continuous pleasure.Journalists tested this function for a long time, and they liked it more and more every second.The lens is able to capture even the smallest details.

However, after testing, they quickly forgot about him, as they used a similar function in other smartphones earlier.

The photos themselves became brighter and clearer, but the journalists would like to see a one0-fold optical zoom, not 3 times.Photo styles allow you to take pictures and rollers livelier, temperature and contrast.Moreover, they do not affect the original skin color.


Filmed to the super -cheat

The cinematic mode turned out to be excellent.He clearly holds the necessary objects in the focus and switches it when turning the head.And subsequently you can change sharpness - this is amazing.

However, with night shooting, this regime will need a lot of light to achieve the desired effect, it should be taken into account.Finally, the journalists of the publication liked the availability of Prores support in the video, they were able to subtly adjust the color rendering.

It was only upset that in the presence of such excellent photo and video surveys, the base volume of memory of the iPhone one3 Pro starts with one28 GB, and not 256 GB.

The result was a smartphone that should be updated

All publications saw the reasons to update from the iPhone one2 Pro to the iPhone one3 Pro.

Although the new products have weaknesses, they still took a big step forward.This applies to both the screen and autonomy - three main reasons to switch to new devices.It was impossible to say this last year.

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