If you have a Samsung smartphone, your device can get a small increase in power in the near future, because it seems that the company is deploying a new function for some of its devices that this is exactly what.

Ram Plus is a function that temporarily gives your smartphone more memory, converting part of the memory to the virtual Ram.samsung introduced this function in the Galaxy A52, but, according to Sammobile, it will be available for more devices.

The update brought Ram Plus to the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in case 12 GB of RAM of the smartphone is not enough for any reason, assuming that it will be available for other phones. In the end, Galaxy S and Galaxy a will benefit more fromExpanding RAM than from a top folding device for one gigabyt.z fold 3 with increased RAM will be a real device with a large amount of RAM.

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Smartphones that Ram Plus can be best used is the younger models of the Galaxy J, M and A series, but, as A52 suggests, these devices can be equipped with this function in any case in the future.

Samsung usually first adds new functions to its highest class models, and then shifts them to older or middle models. It is so possible that other Galaxy devices will also receive Ram Plus with a future update.

Analysis: the durability of the mobile phone Samsung

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Некоторые смартфоны Samsung получают неожиданный прирост мощности

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Smartphones become slower over time - this applies to both your best iPhone and your inexpensive Redmi device. This is one of the reasons why many people want to exchange their old cell phone for a new one.

With Ram Plus, you can breathe a little more life into your aging smartphone, donating a small amount of memory for the sake of greater speed. Of course, this suggests that your phone’s memory is not filled after many years of use, but the cloud storage can create a little more space.

It can be good news for the durability of smartphones, because it would eliminate the serious reason why you would otherwise utilize your phone - even if it lasts only a year, it is good news for your wallet and the environment.

Samsung - не единственная компания, имеющая такую ​​функцию настройки памяти, поскольку у некоторых других производителей смартфонов есть такая функция, которая может быть очень полезна на устройствах с более низкой ценой.Остается надеяться, что другие компании также возьмут на себя эту роль, чтобы гарантировать, что все смартфоны по-прежнему эффективны в последний год их жизни.

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