Samsung Galaxy Note 21 will not appear this year, and new brand records in South Korea suggest that we will not see any new Galaxy Note devices in the future.

As found by Galaxy Club, Samsung has recently renamed a number of names, including the Galaxy S, Galaxy Z, Galaxy M and Galaxy A.

A notable exception is the Galaxy Note series. Its absence from this list seems to be a clear sign that the company does not plan to release Galaxy Note 22 in 2022.

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In 2021, the company decided to focus on folding Galaxy Z fold 3 and Galaxy Z flip 3 instead of releasing a new Galaxy Note.

It is believed that Samsung continues to promote its folding smartphones. So it is possible that Galaxy Z fold 4 and Galaxy Z flip 4 will appear on the market in the second half of 2022-after the Galaxy S22 at the beginning of the year.

Samsung also added support for S Pen in the Galaxy S21 ultra and Galaxy Z fold 3-the main feature of the Galaxy Note-so anyone who needs a stylus can choose one of these devices.

Analysis: the Note series finally died?

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 Компания Samsung не обновляла свой бренд Note.  Что это значит для Note 22?

Short answer: we are not sure. This information convincingly indicates that in the next few years we will not see Galaxy Note 22 or Galaxy Note 23, but this is far from confirmation, because brands are a complex issue.

This brand information is currently applicable only to South Korea, and there may be other reasons why the Galaxy Note name is not included.

Samsung often has names that it does not want to use-this is a common practice for technology brands-but also the names it uses. The fact that the company did not adopt the name in advance does not mean that they will not use it in the future.

У Samsung, например, в январе 2021 года было защищено название UPC, что означает «Under Panel Camera».Эта функция была представлена ​​в Galaxy Z Fold 3 в августе того же года.

As the release of the Galaxy Note is not expected until August 2022, the company was unable to protect the name later.

However, other leaks and rumors suggest * that Samsung will not release Galaxy Note this is bad news if you hoped for a similar device next year.

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