The Samsung Galaxy Watch range has always been quite expensive when it comes to smart watches, but for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4-and in particular for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 classic-prices can be even higher than usual.

According to industry sources talking to MySmartPrice, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (which is believed to be Samsung Galaxy Watch active 4) will be available in sizes of 40 mm and 44 mm, the first of which will be about 350-370 euros and the second will cost about 380. -400 euros.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 classic, which seems to be what we originally thought of as Galaxy Watch 4, is likely to have dimensions of 42 mm and 46 mm. The 42 mm option should cost between 470-500 euros, the 46 mm option-from 500-530 euros.

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Утечка цены на Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 - дороже, чем предполагалось

For comparison: Samsung Galaxy Watch active 2 costs 249 euros, and Samsung Galaxy Watch 3-418 euros. So the prices here are clearly higher.

In addition, this leak contains several more details, which state that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is likely to be available in black, silver, green and gold, and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 classic will be sold in black and silver.

It is noted that previous leaks mentioned a gray color and a size of 44 mm for the Galaxy Watch 4 classic, but there are no details about this in this source.

As always, we should treat these leaks with caution, especially prices, as we hear about them for the first time. I hope they are wrong, but if not, let's hope that these wearable devices will become a big update to justify the costs. We will learn about it soon, because the leaks suggest an announcement on August 3 *.

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