The Samsung Galaxy SmartTags tracker product was introduced with the Galaxy S21 smartphones in January 2020; they are tile-style tracking devices that help locate lost items and devices.

You can clip one to your keychain, purse or purse, or maybe a coat or teddy bear that your kid loves to drop and use the Samsung SmartThings Find app to find it with your phone.

There's also SmartTags Plus with additional features - below you'll find out what makes them different.

Samsung Unpacked 2021 is just getting started and we're still hearing about Galaxy SmartTags, so there isn't much information in this article yet.

Samsung SmartTag in a nutshell

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag: release date and price

Samsung Galaxy SmartTags and SmartTags Plus will go on sale on January 29 with the Galaxy S21.

If you pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone in many regions, you will also receive the SmartTags package.

Samsung SmartTag Design

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is a small, cut-out plastic rectangle that can be used to attach it to keys, your pet's collar, or luggage tags.

Samsung SmartTag Features

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag: дата выхода, цена, дизайн и особенности

Samsung Galaxy SmartTags work together with the proprietary SmartThings Find app, which allows you to track the location of your Samsung smartphone and other devices. We can imagine that now you can also use the app to track your smart tags.

The tags send Bluetooth signals to nearby Samsung devices, whether your own or someone else's, which then tell you the location based on how close you are to the device.

SmartTags have a rechargeable battery that Samsung says lasts "months" with a replaceable coin-operated battery.

What can SmartTags Plus do that standard tags can't? Well, SmartTags Plus uses UWB (Ultra Wide Band) technology for spatial and directional tracking, so you can get more accurate location data and also use the AR Finder on your phone to track tags.

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