Judging by the leaks that we have seen so far, it seems that the Ultra Samsung Galaxy S22 model is significantly different from other versions - and a leaked image allegedly showing the back of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, provides more evidence.

The unconfirmed image that appeared on the Chinese platform of social networks Weibo (via Android Authority) is a black cover with five holes located in the form of the letter P. The objects of the rear chamber and the flash will most likely stick through the holes.

This is slightly different from the design observed in previous leaks, in which there was a complete P-shaped neckline. It is also that the design of the rear chamber module on the standard Galaxy S22 * and Galaxy S22 Plus will again be different.

  • Рендеринг корпуса Samsung Galaxy S22 показывает большие изменения в S22 Ultra

Note Ultra?

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Judging by what we have heard so far, it seems that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will become something like a Galaxy Note replacement - keep in mind that last year there was no Galaxy Note 21, and it seems that Galaxy Note 22 is unlikely..

There are rumors that it has a S Pen slot and a more flat design in the Note style than other Galaxy S22 series devices. There are even rumors that when starting the Galaxy S22 Ultra, one could be called Galaxy Note 22 Ultra.

We’ll have to wait and see how many of these rumors and forecasts are true. It was predicted that the Galaxy S22 series will be launched in January 2022 *, a year after the first launch of the Galaxy S21 smartphones, but this may be later.

Analysis: Galaxy S22 series is what you should beware of

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Leak раскрывает дизайн задней панели

Like almost everyone in the electronic industry, Samsung had heavy 2020 and 2021 years, but everything indicates that the company can return in 2022 - starting with the flagship line of phones Galaxy S22.

We saw a lot of leaks and rumors * about the Galaxy S22, and it seems that the Ultra Edition in 2022 will be even more different from the other models of the Galaxy S line. It can go hand in hand with a change in the name to emphasize the position as a replacement of the note, butit's not obligatory.

Since the iPhone 13 and Pixel 6 are already represented on the market, the Galaxy S22 series is a chance for Samsung to improve your game on smartphones again - with next -generation chipsets and processors for 2022 and all ordinary Samsung ingredients (for example, excellent OLED screens).

In general, the Galaxy S22 series should offer the choice of configurations in different price ranges and, thus, theoretically attract a wide range of potential buyers. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 for those who want something even more innovative (and expensive), the smartphones of the Galaxy S22 series have a real chance to prove themselves.

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