Samsung is a leader in many areas, but he is very far behind in one - this is the charge speed. The New leakage of information about the Samsung Galaxy S22 shows that the company can slowly catch up, but not quickly enough.

According to the popular - and often correct - Leaker Ice Universe, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, “100%” - 45 watts - this speed has already used Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, but S20 - and all the Galaxy S21 phones, including the Galaxy S21 Ultra -They charged with a relatively slow power of 25 watts.

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This is for wired charging, and we heard little about the wireless network, but on Samsung smartphones it never exceeds wired charging.

Ice Universe has repeatedly flowed about the details about the Samsung Galaxy S22, such as: b.The technical characteristics of the display, the resolution of the camera * and the question of whether it will have a built -in camera *, and many of these leaks, including the latest, do little to cause enthusiasm for new devices.

Analysis: crazy return

When it comes to Android smartphones, the charge rate is one of the most important criteria that companies use to highlight their devices among competitors. We have time when you have connected your device to the outlet for hours to charge it - today the best devices can go from zero tofull charge in less than half an hour.

In this world of fast charging 45 watts, it is already not enough. REALME GT and Xiaomi 11t PRO of the middle class are half as much as Samsung Galaxy S22 ULTRA, and have a capacity of 65 W and 120 W, respectively, although these examples were selected to emphasize the weak characteristics of Samsung,Most Android phones have a power of at least 55 watts, and often much larger.

Утечка скорости зарядки Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra показывает, что Samsung хочет наверстать упущенное

Previously, there were problems with fast charging, because it could defuse the battery or cause a phone heating during use. But now companies begin to solve these problems - for example, when Xiaomi 11t Pro was presented, the company said that 800 charges are required to discharge.About two and a half years of use, before the condition worsens.

Companies also develop improved cooling systems for their phones - primarily to compensate for overheating and increased energy consumption during games, as well as to cool the device during charging.

Thus, there are fewer and fewer reasons why Samsung should not use higher charging speeds, and if he wants to stand out among competing smartphones from Xiaomi, Huawei and OnePlus, he really needs to increase performance.

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