It took a long time to wait for the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, but it seems that the wait may soon end: one of the most reliable sources of rumors says that the smartphone will be officially presented on Wednesday, September 8.

This type is @ MauriQHD (via Android Central), but the tweet also contains a warning and a suggestion to "wait and see", so we do not advise you to put all your savings on this date.

S21 FE September 8 this source is often right, but I will never be able to share these leaks (too risky), it is one of those rare leaks that I really can. He got this from Sammy's representative as usual, but says that personally he will wait to see. Not the first, but because it comes from Sammy. August 27, 2021

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What awaits you

We have also seen images showing a device that is very similar to the Galaxy S21, but apparently a little bigger. Green, white, blue, purple and gray should be the colors * in which the device will be available.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE может наконец выйти на рынок 8 сентября

As for the camera, we have heard * that the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE can be equipped with a rear camera with three lenses with 12MP + 12MP + 8MP, and the charging power should be up to 45 W *, which is superior to even the Galaxy S21 ultra.

Opinion: Samsung Galaxy S21 FE should be available

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All the signs point to the rapid launch of the Galaxy S21 FE, but since a few days before the release of the Galaxy S22-and almost eight months have passed since the introduction of the Galaxy S21-is there still room for this phone fan version?

Как всегда, цена будет ключевой: версия Samsung Galaxy S20 FE для 5G была продана за 749 евро, и мы думаем, что ее преемник должен будет иметь примерно такую ​​же цену, чтобы удержаться на очень конкурентном рынке.

And it is very competitive-now there are quite a lot of phones, from the upper middle to the flagship (for example, the prices for the S20 FE, which we have just mentioned, almost exactly correspond to the starting prices of the iPhone 12 mini). Ð ¡.

If September 8 is really the right date, it at least means that the Galaxy S21 FE can enter the market earlier than Google Pixel 6 and iPhone 13-and perhaps attract attention and sales, as Samsung hopes.

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