It is still unclear when it enters the Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe market. It is predicted that it will be presented next week or in January, but the new hearing implies the latter - and even offers January 11 as a launch date.

We heard conflicting reports of the possible release date of the Galaxy S21 Fe, but this is the first date we heard about. He comes from the leader of John Proser, who wrote the release date on January 11, 2022 on Twitter. Max Weinbach, the famous leader, confirmed this information in this information inThe answer to the tweet of visor.

As far as I know, the issue of Samsung S21 Fe was postponed until January. The release was postponed to January 11, 2022.October 14, 2021.

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Proser said in the future tweet that the release of S21 Fe was again postponed, which confirms the suspicion that Samsung planned to release the phone (probably around September, since the Galaxy S20 Fe was supposed to be released in 2020 when Market appeared), but out of-The launch was postponed for these problems. There are rumors that difficulties with delivery and production were the cause of previous delays, and perhaps they too.

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Analysis: Why is there no S21 Fe yet?

Samsung has not yet confirmed that the Galaxy S21 Fe would be released, but there were enough rumors confirming its existence, that we assumed that it would be available in the near future. If it would be launched at about the same time as his predecessor,We would expect it to be launched in September, but rumors about the delay have reached us before - the global lack of chipsets is guilty to everything.

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This is the same unclear reason why we suspected that the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 21 was officially canceled. According to the Samsung employee, the Galaxy S21 Fe release was also terminated, and S21 Fe supports disappeared from the Internet. Also, one rumor * said thatThe phone will appear on the market in October, and the Samsung Unpacked event, announced on October 20, aroused suspicions that S21 Fe would finally be presented.

However, another rumor pushed pushed the alleged launch window until January, which could even put the S21 Fe in the early period of the year, usually reserved for the flagships of the year (in this case, Samsung Galaxy S22). Veuster’s Two, at least, gives us a date for which you canIt is unclear whether S21 FE S22 will replace it or we will see both devices on stage together.

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