Tomorrow, the theme of folding smartphones will beCome one of the current.And all due to the fact that on February 11 the announcement of the Galaxy Z Flip will be held.The novelty has already managed to light up in the Commercial, which the Company twisted at the Oscar 2020 ceremony, and on the website of the Sprint cell operator, they Completely posted all the characteristics.

There are already those who believe that Galaxy Z Flip is waiting for success.Samsung itself believes in the future of its creation.According to the Korea Herald publication, the South Korean giant plans to sell at least 2.5 million units.There is evidence that the Company at first intends to produce at least 500 thousand smartphones, but it is already ready to give the go -ahead to its partners for production another 2 million tubes.

Samsung верит, что Galaxy Z Flip окажется успешнее Galaxy Fold

A rather optimistic scenario for such a product.But a lot will be decided by the price tag.According to rumors, it can reach $ 1400 for the top version.You will have to Compete with Motorola Razr, but the growing wave of criticism addressed to this model can play in the hands of Samsung novelty.

But we will not rush with conclusions.The story with Galaxy Fold is still fresh in memory, when the Company was forced to postpone the exit of the folding smartphone due to the identified structural flaws.At the moment, Samsung has sold about 500 thousand copies of its first folding mobile phone.

Source: Koreaherald.Com