Recently, it is very difficult to prepare materials on Nokia presentations.On one hand - I sincerely want to tell about all the moments of the announcement is impartial and neatly, affecting the pros and cons of the new product and presenting them without embellishment.On the other hand, it is difficult to do it for several reasons.Firstly, because any person who used Nokia phones and smartphones and monitors the fate of the Company is probably not indifferent to what is happening to her now.Most of these people, even if they say aloud that everything is fine and Nokia grows again and so on, deep down, is sad from what has been going on with the Finnish giant for many years now.Secondly, the Company finally went into an alternative universe, as I said after the announcement of the Nokia Lumia 925 smartphone in London, which took place on May 14.People in Nokia publicly say crazy things about the leadership of the Windows Phone operating system in the smartphone market, about the latest technologies, the new 41 MP cameras (the Company first implemented this idea 2 years ago) and so on) and so on.

But, back to the announcement of July 11, where Nokia introduced the new “Cameron” Lumia 1020 with a 41 -megapixel resolution camera, Carl Zeiss optics, optical stabilization and Pureview technology.

The first information about the future Nokia smartphone on Windows Phone with a class camera appeared for a long time, then the rumors appeared from time to time again, the type of case changed, some parameters, materials, name, but the essence remained unchanged - from Nokia they expected the “Cameron” level 808 PureViewBetter, but on wp.And it was precisely such an announcement that the Company conducted.

Nokia Lumia 1020

The new smartphone is a symbiosis of last year's 808 PureView and the recent Lumia 925.From the first, the novelty received PureView technology, a large camera sensor, Carl Zeiss optics and the ability to shoot with digital zoom of “optical quality”.From the second - all other characteristics, including the screen, platform and so on.

The smartphone uses 41 megapixels of the camera module with the following characteristics:

As in Nokia 8080 Pureview, in the new model you can take both a large resolution (maximum 38 MP) and 5 MP frames, when information from the neighboring 7 pixels on the matrix is Combined into one to improve the quality of the picture.The Company notes that the sensor is photosensitive and will allow you to receive good pictures even with a strong lack of lighting.

There is a three -time zoom in the cell without loss of quality, it was also implemented in Nokia 808 PureView.New camera chip in Lumia 920 - original zoom.Even the name of the event - Nokia Zoom, as well as its main slogan, Zoom Reinvented, were associated with this chip.The bottom line is that on this smartphone you can get a picture in the maximum resolution, even when you use digital zoom.That is, the system will maintain two pictures - the original and the one you did using the scaling function.The chip looked interesting at the presentation, but how useful it would be in real life - I don't know.

From the video modes there will be a standard FullHD with 30 frames per second, as well as HD-video with the possibility of a 6-fold scaling picture without loss of quality, again, due to the technology of PureView and high resolution of the matrix.

It should also be noted Nokia Pro Camera - a special mode in which the user will be able to manually configure all camera parameters, including excerpt values and diaphragm, as well as the focal length.In my opinion, this is a great idea and it is in the “Camerophone” that such a mode is Completely manual shooting most appropriate.

The front camera takes pictures in resolution of 1280x960 points, a large -format optics is used.

From the point of view of the design, we have the old good Nokia Lumia 920, if you look at the smartphone on the front side, however, even with sides and back, the new model resembles its predecessor, the difference is only in a bulging module with a camera and a flash on the back side.

According to the technical characteristics of the Nokia Lumia 1020, it is an almost Complete copy of the lumia 925 smartphone in May.This is what the characteristics of the three smartphones of the Company look like, Nokia Lumia 920, 925 and 1020:

The differences are minimal - twice as large as the RAM, the Gorilla Glass Glass of the Third generation (the two previous models - the second), as well as a new camera.As for the camera and Pureview technology module, we have already seen almost all these things in 808 PureView.The new model added optical image stabilization, as well as Pro Camera mode.By the way, there is Nokia Lumia 1020 and other camera mode - Smart Camera.It will be possible to make up to 10 frames in it and then edit them using one of several effects: “Best Shot” (Best Shot), “ACTION SHOT” and “Focusing on a moving object” (Motion Focus ”(Motion Focus)

Together with the sales of a smartphone, sales of a special accessory for him - Nokia Camera Grip will also start.This is a cover on the cover with an additional 1020 mAh battery, the button for the camera descent, the charging indicator, a grip under the arm for ease of shooting and a hole for installing a smartphone on a tripod.

In the United States, the accessory will cost $ 79, we have about 2,000 rubles.The thing is very interesting, undoubtedly, but the capacity of an additional battery confuses, judging by the ledge, it was clearly possible to fit there a more capacious battery.

Презентация 41 МП «камерофона» Nokia Lumia 1020

This is what Nokia Lumia 1020 with Nokia Camera Grip will look like this:


In general, we can say that we have the same Nokia Lumia 925, but with another camera, that is, the updated version of this model with the prefix “Camerophone” if you want.At the same time, the Nokia Lumia 925 itself, let’s say, are far from new in most parameters, despite the fact that it was presented in May, that is, recently.After all, this model, in turn, is a slightly updated Lumia 920, and it is almost a year now.

In the USA, Nokia Lumia 1020 sales will start at the end of July at a price of $ 700 for the "non -operational" version of the model.Translated into rubles, this is about 22,000, but for obvious reasons, our smartphone will be more expensive than this amount.If the Nokia 925 receives a price tag of 25,000 rubles, but here we have the same thing, but with a higher class camera, then you should expect prices at 27,000-29,000 rubles.Start of sales - approximately in September.

Nokia Lumia 925

Comparing Lumia 1020 with few other WP-smartphones does not make sense, but with Android-you can.At the same time, it must be understood that Nokia has a very specific product with emphasis only on camera.Similar to Nokia Lumia 1020 by all characteristics, except the camera, smartphones on Android are today in Russia on average 15,000-20,000 rubles.There is almost no more expensive, and these are only official price tags, I do not take into account the cost of SGS III, HTC One X+ or Sony Xperia TX in the gray market

It turns out what is the picture.With the characteristics of last year's flagships at a price of up to 20,000 rubles, the new Nokia Lumia 1020 will cost 30 or even 40% more expensive, we are unlikely to see the price below 25,000 rubles and its rapid decrease.At the same time, the Windows Phone operating system is also far from attracting factor.41 MP remains.There is no dispute, the Company tried and installed high -quality optics in Lumia 1020, a large sensor, modern technologies, such as PureView, and also equipped all this with a well -thought -out set of software with the possibility of manual settings during the shooting.It is perfectly!But here's what confuses me.

We recently conducted a Comparative photo test of current smartphones, where the Nokia 8080 Pureview smartphone took part, including the Nokia 8080 smartphone.

According to the results of this test, the Nokia apparatus really turned out to be one of the best, but Samsung Galaxy S4 and Apple iPhone 5 are very close to it..The difference between the personnel made by these smartphones is noticeable, but it cannot be called striking, that is, it is a very close level.And if you do not peer at each point of the frame, then then approximately the same.

Moreover, we also held a “blind” vote among readers, offering them to choose the best and worst shots by numbers, while the voters did not know which smartphone under which number was located.You can see the results of this vote by the link below:

Readers did not appreciate the high -quality quality of the Nokia 808 PureView camera, preferring shots of this smartphone SGS4 in most situations.

Suppose Nokia worked on the camera and made it better than it was in 808, but does many people need it so much?Hardly.Yes, there is a hundred - another, or even a thousand people who decide to purchase Lumia 1020 instead of their old camera or even instead of a mirrorless camera, but the rest is no longer interested in a cool camera, it is in modern flagships on Android and Apple.You need something more, as well as some basic things.

Nokia 808 PureView

And here Nokia with Windows Phone has problems.Take, for example, the absence of such a simple program as Instagram.I have repeatedly faced the fact that one of my friends is interested in some kind of smartphone on WP, already wants to switch to him, for example, from his old HTC Sensation XL.But then he learns that there is no Instagram, and for a person the theme with WP-smartphones is closed.You can argue for an arbitrarily for a long time that this is all just one program for single -button people who photograph food and their feet, and that it does not mean anything, but the audience of this program for February 2013 was more than 100 million users around the world.And while there is no Instagram for Windows Phone, this system will have guaranteed 100 million potential users.

About the same situation with games.Under Windows Phone there are really cool software (nokia cards) and even cool games, but there are still very few in Comparison with iOS and Android, and the prices for most games in the Marketplace application store are simply sky -high, if we talk about Russia.

It turns out that for the second time in three months Nokia releases its lumia 920 update.In May, wireless charging was removed and weight was reduced (925), in July they added gigabyta of RAM and 41 MP Cam (1020).Will this help Nokia to strengthen its position in the smartphone market?Not.Will Nokia gain a new audience of users with this device?Not.Everyone who needed the best camera in a smartphone has already bought Nokia 808 Pureview in due time, most likely, they were disappointed in it (after all, besides the quality of the pictures, you can love the device for little).The Company offers under a new sauce last year's apparatus at a very high price at a non -most popular OS - why, for whom, why?All these questions remain unanswered, and we continue to humbly wait until Stephen “our sun” Elop will calm down and the Nokia Company will at least try itself in the Android devices market, without even throwing the Windows Phone..This, of course, is unlikely, but in the case of Nokia, it remains only to believe in the miracle.What if it happens?

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