September 14, 2018

Max Lubin


It is rare that a Company can do so in the media space as Apple.On the one hand, everyone is accustomed to this, but despite this, after the next announcement, both the pluses and the disadvantages of the announcement continue to discuss for a long time.This time, the main topic for discussion was the new versions of the "Best Smartphone on the Planet".This, of course, is about iPhone.

And opinions on the network were divided.Someone, selflessly loving “apples”, is ready to sell the kidney, someone, looking at this, twists a finger at the temple, and someone does not care, because he has his other, prayed smartphone.

Yes, they also showed the clock, they said something about the column and so, on trifles.But who is interested in?The main character is iPhone.

I will say right away, this material will not be a model of objectivity, since I am a long -standing and faithful fan of the green robot.On the other hand, I always wanted (and the further, the more) "try apples to taste".Try to try to figure out how Steve’s brainchild manages to form the brains so much that after that they beCome ardent defenders of everything that has a biting apple on the lid, not paying attention to or consciously closing their eyes to objective disadvantages, justifying it with the crown phrase “but this is not to menecessary".However, such an experiment is associated with impressive financial injections, the expediency of which I am not sure, which means that which is not ready.In addition, there is still a glad of reasons that do not give me the opportunity to plunge into the “most thoughtful ecosystem”.There are ten of all these reasons, and about them - below.

Reason the first and the main - price

I was ready for the fact that the prices that Tim had to voice at the presentation will not be low, but so that so ...

No, perhaps, in the country of pink ponies and blue unicorns, this is the norm, but the lion's share of Russians is unlikely to be allowed into this wonderful world.Maslitsa was added to the fire and Apple Rus - Russian prices are generally beyond the line.That is, people who receive 6-8 times less should pay more?Logic of level 80.

The second reason is the previous generation

It depends on the presentation, I tried to understand why I should overpay and buy a new generation instead of the iPhone X?Why should I give extra tens of thousands of RUbles for a device with minimal differences from last year’s flagship, which still remains a strong player (and according to Tim Cook at last year’s presentation, should still tear all Competitors with their bare hands)?

I believe that it is better to save money and buy the iPhone X, which has already managed to significantly lose in price, while preserving the "Apple magic".

The third reason is dubious innovation

What's new in fresh iPhone?Super-duper processor?Okay, the 7-nanometer technology process is cool, and it itself should inspire awe and reverence-power, energy efficiency ... But since it is so cool, why does the new generation work almost as much as the previous one?And this boundless power, what should I do with it?Measure the "parrots"?And the "parrots" turned out to be fewer expected.Alas, the marketing husk is not for me.

Source: www.Theinsightrr.Com

The same applies to cameras - most likely, it turns out that the IPhone cameras praised at the presentations were just pulled to the level of flagships on Android.

But the rating of DXOMARK, which may not sing the “apple” of the praise, I do not believe for a long time and in the next material I will try to clearly state my position.

The fourth reason is the notorious neckline in the screen

In fact, the reason is somewhat far-fetched, if we talk about the iPhone XS and XS Max, since with OLED matrix this cosmetic defect will eliminate.And what to do with the younger version of XR with its IPS matrix?There this neckline will call the eyes, and nothing will come of it - it will still be visible.

No wonder at the presentation, Apple chose the wallpaper on which the cutout is not visible at all.

The reason is the fifth - the absence of a fingerprint scanner

Мои 10 причин не покупать новый iPhone —

I am a supporter of proven methods for protecting the contents of my device.The fingerprint scanner in this regard is what you need.

Is it possible, for example, when buying with the help of NFC, compare in terms of convenience an option with a simple finger attachment to the scanner and the need to put on the phone, holding it almost perpendicular to the face?

Sorry, Apple, but despite the presence of a “superpopped face recognition system” and a heap of sensors for this, you removed the scanner in vain.

The reason is the sixth - design or saving on matches

The new line continues the glorious business started by the "apple" in the iPhone 8/iPhone X - a one -time design.As in the previous generation, the novelties have a glass back without a laminating film.And this means that, having broken the back cover, you will face the fact that it will not just be a cracked back cover, as it happens, for example, in Samsung, which, thanks to the presence of this film, even with a broken rear lid, retain water resistance.No, in the case of the iPhone, the back cover is simply shown with fragments, exposing the insides of the smartphone.

Source: Modmac.RU

And if you want to replace the broken cover, you will be offered to do this completely with the body and coil of wireless charging.And the price will be how big.

Re reason the seventh is the keyboard "Swipe"

Yes, yes, in the Apple keyboard devices with a non-flowing method of entering the text, you can still count on the fingers of one hand.And those that are, work, frankly, do not feel so hot.

It would seem that this is nonsense and you can get used to it, but why?I recently specifically tried to use the keyboard without entering a stroke.This is torment.So, we are waiting for the sane "pile".

The reason is the eight - poor color schemes in the older line

I didn’t think that I would write this, but the rear cover of Honor 10 is a masterpiece.Why was it impossible to adopt a successful experience and make the colors of its older line more interesting and surprisingly?

In the yard 2018, today to be bright fashionable even among the wealthy part of the population.But no, we give only the colors of the “youth” part of potential buyers, as if speaking to them - let everyone from afar see that you are a beggar.

Give the color to everyone, Apple.

Reason ninth - closed ecosystem

Yes, the Cupertino operating system is already a parable in the tongue, and many copies have been broken about this issue.I, in turn, being far from beginning user, still hearing about the need for “dancing with tambourine” around iTunes to select my call melody or all the more about the need to buy a melody for money, I laugh in a voice.

Although no, rather giggling vilely.Apple, are you serious?Buy a call melody?Thank God, even though pictures on the computer can be thrown away without itunes.

The reason is the tenth - the difficulties of repair

On the one hand, find the spare part on Apple is almost the simplest lesson, they are sold everywhere and in huge numbers.On the other hand, with all the diversity and diversity of the market spare parts, to find, for example, a 100% original new display is an impossible task.Most often, under the guise of the original, you will be sold an original matrix with a glass of the Chinese, and even if you are lucky to find the original, it will not be new, but removed from the donor.

Source: http: // Service.Savensale.RU

The same story about the battery - with a high degree of probability it will be an analogue, and it is good if the factory licensed Apple licensed.On the one hand, the reason is somewhat far -fetched, because few people buy a smartphone, suggesting it to break, on the other hand, you should evaluate all the risks and think in advance.Therefore, if we talk about Apple from the point of view of repair, then the spare parts for the "apples" are full, but the quality among them are units.And this is a serious reason for me as an electronics repair master.


Apple products have both ardent opponents and the same implacable defenders.Both of them often defend their point of view with foam at the mouth, trying to prove to the opponent to be wrong, which is wrong in both cases.My ten reasons may seem inconsequential to someone, and this is normal.For me, this is what still stops me from buying an “apple” device, although I repeat once again, curiosity to try something new bursts at me for a long time.But at the same time, I understand that in order to fully understand and feel the charm of the ecosystem, the purchase of the iPhone alone is clearly not enough, which means that as the eleventh cause or addition to the first, one can name the very high cost of the input ticket to this ecosystem (you will have toBuy a lot of "apple).

I am sure that among our readers there are many those for whom the listed reasons will be insignificant and who, in spite of everything, will buy a new product from Apple.Tell us why you are doing this?