Moto G Play is the cheapest of the four phones presented by Motorola for the US market in the beginning of this year.Представленный по цене 169 долларов, он уже пользуется, по-видимому, постоянной скидкой в ​​10 долларов, что твердо помещает его в бюджетную зону.

Most of what you will find in the list of G Play specifications make great sense, taking into account this price category: 6.5-inch LCD 720P with a standard update frequency, Snapdragon 460 processor with 3 GB of RAM and a generous battery for 5000 mAh.

There is another factor that can persuade some buyers to G Play: since LG leaves the space for budget phones, and the remaining reserves disappear from the shelves of retail sellers, the Motorola budget phone will be one of the fewer options.IN THE USA.We have not seen Motorola devices worth less than $ 150, which the company introduced in other markets this year, so at the moment G Play is a probable candidate for consideration of customers of telephones focused on the budget.

There are several aspects of a set of phone functions that seem not impressive even taking into account the price: namely, insignificant 32 GB of memory (although it can be expanded after a fact) and a 13-megapixel main camera, if it is more advanced, with high resolution.For example, pixel binning sensors become the norm in any price category.But in short, G Play works great for its price.Just know that you need to show patience and accept some shortcomings, and that additional expenses are from 50 to $ 100, if your budget allows you to receive several significant updates.

Moto G Play performance and screen

G Play uses the Snapdragon 460 chipset, which was presented more than a year ago and is the entry -level Qualcomm processor.In combination with 3 GB of RAM, he manages to cope with routine tasks, such as switching between applications and scrolling social networks, albeit with thin, but noticeable stuttering.More complex tasks, such as starting and stopping the navigation of Google Maps, require additional efforts.This is not as unpleasant as my experience with LG Stylo 6, but this is a step below the performance that you can expect from a phone that is $ 50-100 more expensive, including in the line of Motorola G-series.

The screen also copes well, but does not really shine.Its resolution 720p is stretched on a 6.5-inch display, and the images are noticeably pixie.The colors are cooler, and the screen is slightly dull if you do not increase the brightness to the maximum.Even with maximum brightness, it was difficult for me to discern him on the street.We spend so many hours, looking at our devices that this is one of the areas where they may be updated.However, everything is in order with the display - it is just not very beautiful.

There is the best news on the front of the battery.G Play includes a 5000 mAh battery, which is much more than typical 4000 or 4500 mAh in other Android phones comparable.Motorola claims that she will receive three days of autonomous work, which is probably true if you are a low user and conservatively treat the brightness of the screen.I had no problems with charging for two days when the screen turned on for a couple of hours every day.It is definitely reasonable to expect a full day, and then some intensive loads.

Moto G Play includes only 32 GB of memory - about as much as it will be in 2021.Given that about half of them will be occupied by the operating system files, this is simply not enough.The storage can be expanded using a microSD card, so plan an additional $ 10-15 as a necessary part of the purchase if you do not have it yet.

G Play comes with the installed Android 10.Although the Motorola list has an update to Android 11, the deadlines are unclear, and, given the track record of the company, this can happen in many months.The phone will receive security updates until January 2023.This, unfortunately, is a short service life, so you can count on the exchange or cashing of your update from your operator in a couple of years.

Camera Moto G Play

Обзор Motorola Moto G Play (2021): неплохой телефон по очень хорошей цене

G Play has only one 13-megapixel rear camera (along with a 2-megapixel depth sensor) and a 5-megapixel camera for a selfie.That's all.Even in the budget class in 2021 there will be not many cameras.I do not think that someone (including me) will not be enough for a poor-quality macro camera, which manufacturers continue to put on their devices these days, but the absence of a super-wide chamber is a bummer. учитывая, что нетрудно найти телефон, который предлагает такую ​​цену.

Вид сетки

At least the offers of the G Play camera are very simple.In the built -in camera application there are only two main shooting modes: photo and video.Portrait mode and several other additional functions are available in the shooting menu, but there is no night mode here.

Outside in good lighting, this 13-megapixel camera works fine.The general exposition is balanced, and the camera does not try to do too much HDR that I appreciate, but you do not need to look too close to notice that the details in the grass and leaves are smoothed out.With less good lighting, everything quickly goes downhill - G Play is simply not suitable for shooting in low light.The selfie camera is also to blame for aggressive excessive smoothing when setting up the default Face Beauty Auto, due to which my face looked like a glazed donut.Fortunately, you can disable it.

Obviously, G Play has its drawbacks - at a price of $ 160, it should be.The question is, is it possible to put up with this a couple of years.If you like a very relaxed relationship with your phone, G Play will do whatever you need.

Enough everyday work on the basics - easy viewing of web pages, social networks, e -mail, music.If you just use a phone camera for quick shots and do not expect too much from it, G Play will do.

If you suspect that you need a little more from your phone, or that you want the experience of using your phone to be a little more pleasant, then I strongly recommend spending a little more on something like your own Motorola Moto G Power to get the best camera.Samsung and OnePlus have recent records in the classroom of less than $ 200, which are also worth paying attention to; I have not tested them, but they are competitive.

If your relationship with technology is less complicated than those of us who spend hours spending a precious time on this earth for hours, looking at a small luminous screen in our hands, jumping between applications of social networks and bringing the cameras to the limit of their capabilities, then you are fineFight with Moto G Play.Think about the rest of us, please?

Photo by Ellison Johnson.

Agree to continue: Motorola Moto G Play (2021.)

Each intellectual device now requires you to agree with a number of conditions before you can use it - contracts that no one really reads.It is impossible for us to read and analyze each of these agreements.But we began to accurately calculate how many times you need to click on the use of devices when we check them, since these are agreements that most people do not read and definitely cannot negotiate.

To use Motorola Moto G Play, you must agree:

To add the Google account, you also need to agree with two more things:

The following agreements are not mandatory:

In addition, for Google Assistant there is an opportunity to agree to the use of Voice Match: “Allows your assistant to identify you and distinguish you from others.The assistant takes excerpts from your voice to form a unique voice model that is preserved only on your device (ah).A sample of your voice can be temporarily sent to Google to better recognize your voice ".

Bottom line: three mandatory agreements to use the phone, two more for Google account services and six additional additional agreements.