It is expected that the Samsung Galaxy S22 will appear at the beginning of 2022, and a new leak suggests that the price will not increase compared to the Galaxy S21 series.

According to the new message from Sammobile, the next flagship in the Galaxy series will be similar to the Galaxy S21.Sammobile does not disclose who the information received from, but claims that it came from its own sources of the publication.

The Galaxy S21 was launched at an amazingly low price compared to the Galaxy S20 series to this. Galaxy S21 started from $ 799 /849 euros compared to $ 999 /999 euros for the Galaxy S20 5G.

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It is still unclear whether Samsung will continue to maintain prices for its products at the same level, but this leak suggests that the company will not increase prices in 2022.

If the prices remain at the same level as the Galaxy S21, expect that the Galaxy S22 will cost 849 euros, Galaxy S22 Plus - 1049 euros, and the Galaxy S22 Ultra - 1249 euros.

If you need more space for storage or memory than in the basic version, you probably will have to pay more and fluctuations in individual markets, depending on external factors.

It is also a leak of information, so be careful with this information. We do not know the exact prices for the Galaxy S22 series until they are launched next year.

Analysis: more stable prices are better for everyone

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The last installation for the Galaxy S series is a positive step, since it allows the company to offer its flagship smartphones at a lower price than it was possible with the Galaxy S20 series.

By introducing the Galaxy S21 Ultra as a top smartphone, Samsung was able to reduce the price of its flagship Galaxy S21 and make it more affordable for the average person.

If you still want to have the best smartphone, you can choose more expensive Galaxy S21 Ultra. We assume that the same thing will be with the Galaxy S22 series and the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

The fact that Samsung seems to adhere to this price structure are good news for everyone, and we hope that this will be in future flagship Samsung smartphones.

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