Los Angeles, USA, January 25, 2021, 14:26-REGNUM in Los Angeles in full swing is a vaccination company.People from the Covid-19 are vaccinated right at the Dodger stadium and immediately give out the CDC paper card with the data written by hand: when the vaccine was made and which vaccine was made.

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The CDC card first appeared in the 1880s, upon presentation, students were allowed to return to schools during an outbreak of smallpox.Now, for residents of the Los Angeles district, the digital format of such a card is also available.

The possibility of this possibility of January 24, 2021 was informed by Kif Leswing in the article “Companies are trying to create digital passports to confirm the receipt of the vaccine against the Covid-19”, published on the CNBS website, which is offered to your attention.

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In Los Angeles, citizens who have been vaccinated from the Covid-19 and registered in the special mobile application Los Angeles Wallet receive a text message with reference to the same information that contains the CDC paper card.The application also resembles the patient when he needs to visit the vaccination station in order to get a second dose of the vaccine.

These data are added to the Apple Wallet, a built -in iPhone application, which is usually used to store things such as events for events and landing boards for a plane.It can also be added to Google Wallet or downloaded as a PDF file.

Passing Los Angeles Wallet is one of the first examples in the United States of digital confirmation of obtaining a vaccine against the Covid-19, when patients can store information related to their vaccination status and quickly provide it to everyone who may be needed, for example, airlines, in schools or at the stadiums where a concert is held.

Another question is whether there will be a recording in Los Angeles Wallet enough for organizations such as stadiums, schools and airlines in order to open their doors to customers.

Currently, there is no international or national legal substantiation of methods for introducing passes or vaccination passports, therefore, companies that carry out large events do not have the authority to use such a tool.

FDA did not give permission to private or state companies to provide anyone with real -time vaccination results.The Committee of the World Health Organization, engaged in this topic, held a meeting last week on this issue, but still has not published its results.

The passes of Los Angeles Wallet are essentially a digital version of the old paper certificate.At the same time, the authorities do not have the opportunity to check if she is legal.

Meanwhile, many different companies, trading groups and non-profit organizations are in a hurry to create certain security systems that guarantee them the continuity of business processes.

For example, airlines are especially interested in automatic testing tests on the COVID-19 or confirmation of vaccination, since the second year in a row has been faced with economic depression in the field of international trips.

Nick Kerin, senior vice president of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) believes that "the world makes requirements for evidence that you have passed the test or received a vaccine to be able to travel."

"Мы не можем сделать это вручную для всей планеты. В конечном итоге нам нужна оцифровка», — заявил он.

Last week, the airlines Airlines stated that the Travelpass application developed by IATA will use to check the Covid-19 tests before departure from Dubai Airport.Iata hopes that the system will reduce long lines at airports if employees do not have to manually check paper documents.

В США электронные паспорта прививок становятся реальностью

Kerin also believes that it is necessary to expand the Travelpass application to vaccines as soon as possible.

Compliance with medical confidentiality in digital passing is another argument in his favor: a guard or official does not gain access to medical data, which are usually indicated on a paper card, for example, which vaccine or test a person received and where a vaccine was made.Instead, the system should be as simple as scanning the barcode and the quick receipt of the answer “yes” or “no”.

"Все дело в том, что цифровой верификатор проверяет вас на соблюдение правил авиакомпаний, — говорит Пол Мейер, генеральный директор компании Commons Project, разрабатывающей приложение для паспортов вакцинации под названием CommonPass, которое тестирует авиакомпания United Airlines. — Правило может заключаться в том, что вам нужно пройти тест в течение последних 72 часов или вам нужно получить обе дозы вакцины Pfizer или Moderna. CommonPass даёт только красный или зеленый цвет».

Commons collaborates with a group of IT giants in the field of healthcare on the development of general standards-in fact, a new type of computer files that may contain vaccination records subject to information security.

IT giants, which include Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, Cerner, Epic and Cigna, are not limited only to evidence of vaccines, creating a world in which medical records can be obtained from medical centers and will be available on a smartphone.

The technology market for electronic medical cards is potentially huge: according to one of the assessments, it reached $ 31.5 billion in 2018 and increases annually by 6%.Apple already has a system that allows people to store medical records on their phones, and it can also be used for vaccination entries.

Nevertheless, some people working on these technologies are afraid that the requirements for such passports can be reassessed as part of a solution to a short -term problem - to return people to the usual form of work and entertainment. As an unsuccessful example, they provide a notification of infection - a new technology developed by Apple and Google at an early stage of the pandemic, which was supposed to anonymously warn people that they may have been exposed to coronavirus. Applications began to be launched in the United States only in the second half of last year and did not gain widespread.

A variety of approaches means that a unified unified system of electronic vaccination passports is unlikely to appear in the United States.Instead, people will probably need several evidence - one electronic confirmation for the airline, a paper pass to visit the school and another application for attending sports competitions.

«Если каждый создаст свою собственную систему учетных данных, эти системы не смогут естественным образом коммуницировать друг с другом, — сказала Дженни Вагнер, директор программ Linux Foundation Public Health. — Если вы собираетесь пойти в кино, в офис и полететь на самолете, вам придется загрузить три разных приложения, сгенерировать учетные данные тремя разными способами и оформить документы три раза».

On January 20, 2021, the Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienkozaiada that the “covid” passports will not be introduced in Russia, but an electronic register of those vaccinated from coronavirus will be introduced.

«Устраивать такую дискриминацию граждан, делить их на категории с разными правами — это недопустимо», — сказала она.

Meanwhile, on January 18, 2021, the head of the Republic of Bashkiria Radiy Khabirovsono shared that anticoneal passports are planned to be given to residents of the region who transferred Covid-19, have antibodies or vaccinated from Covid-19.

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