So far, have you patiently waited for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S21, which is rumored to be released on January 14? well, it looks like Samsung is throwing you cookies as a bait, because you can reserve the company's next smartphone right now-but only on the website in the US.

This is not yet a mandatory pre-order, so you do not need to pay anything-actual pre-orders are likely to begin immediately after Samsung unpacked as soon as the devices are presented.

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However, there is a booking bonus-Samsung will not only notify you when the phone appears on the market, but you will also get an additional $50 discount on accessories in the Samsung store (covers, batteries, possibly S Pen if rumors are correct, and Samsung pens are compatible with S21 smartphones), as well as a credit of $10 in the Samsung Shop app for Android (to download applications).

So, if you are set to buy Samsung Galaxy S21, it makes sense to register to get the most out of this free money.

And when is the release date of the Galaxy S21?

Сама Samsung дразнила дату выпуска Samsung Galaxy S21?

The reservation offer expires on January 28, to be exact, a minute before January 29, and for this reason we believe it may be the release date of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series.

After all, Samsung will not allow you to reserve your smartphone if it has been on sale for some time, and will not stop booking if the phone is not fully available for purchase.

So, if we were to rate the schedule based on this, Samsung's new smartphones could appear on the market on January 22 or 15 (a week or two before that release date), with pre-orders valid from the event until January 29, when the phone is officially released.

We will have to wait for more information from Samsung to find out if this release date is correct, but if so, we will not have to wait long to get the latest Samsung smartphone into our hands.

Please note that this is information from the USA, for Germany we do not yet know any information about reservations or pre-orders.

However, as Samsung announces its new smartphones around the world, we have at least already received a teaser about a possible release date from the company itself.

As soon as new information or booking options are available, we will update this article.

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Via GSMArena