Samsung Galaxy S20 is no longer the latest Samsung smartphone, but still remains first-class.

Due to the fact that this model was released last year, prices have fallen - and the best offers Samsung S20 are available. And since the device is most likely not produced *, prices will certainly fall.

However, now we also see a lot of inconsistencies with this device. None dealers completely excluded it from their assortment, others have no longer available, and there are very few left.

In the light of the fact that Samsung has recently released the new Samsung Galaxy S21 at a lower price than the S20, it seems obvious the decision to just switch to the 2021 model ... And yet this is not so simple.

To get a cheaper price, the last launch of Samsung was not completely revolutionary. In the difference from the S20, it does not have expanded memory, and the screen is not as powerful as the S20.

And although the Samsung Galaxy S20 proposals are delivered with the old Exynos 990 processor, this is still an incredibly powerful smartphone with a 4000 mAh battery, incredible tuning of the camera and many others.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 review

Brief Samsung Galaxy S20 review

Недорогой продукт в линейке устройств Samsung S20.

Размер дисплея: 6,2 дюйма Разрешение: 1080 X 2400 Задняя камера: 12 + 12 + 64 МП Передняя камера: 10 МП Вес: 199 gOS: Android 10 ОЗУ: 12 ГБ Память: 128 ГБ Внешняя память: Да Аккумулятор: 4000 мАч
+ Невероятная производительность камеры + Частота обновления 120 Гц + Запись видео 8K
-Очень дорого

This is the second cheapest phone from the Galaxy S20 line from the Samsung (S20 Fe later has become even cheaper), but this does not make it a bad phone in the long run. Facetically, this is one of the best smartphones at the moment, offering a wide range of high -class characteristics.

At a more innovative level, there are some functions that really cause. The 5G capacity to increase delay and loading time, the frequency of update 120 Hz for a smooth transition between games and applications, as well as a fully processed camera with 3-fold optical zoom, 30 timesThe zoom of the super -high resolution and video 8K.

Текущие предложения Samsung Galaxy S20 на декабрь 2021 года

Compared to devices such as the S20 Ultra or the newer Note 20 Ultra, this smartphone will not quite manage to stay ahead of the functions, but with its much lower price and more compact dimensions it can be ideal for the vast majority.

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Find your new S20 at the best price

Samsung Galaxy S20 proposals: Frequently asked questions

4G or 5G: Which Samsung Galaxy S20 to choose?

We will be honest, the offer of two different versions of S20 seems strange to us. When ordering, most retail sellers offer versions of 4G and 5G. Idea is that you will save some money with 4G version and should not worry that the cost is too high.

The only problem is that ... most 4G models seem to be approximately the same in price.

If you cannot find a really cheap deal for the 4G version of the Galaxy S20, we advise you to adhere to the 5G version.

It is likely that the Samsung Galaxy S20 proposals will fall in price?

Well, they are already there. Compared to what we saw when the phone came out, the price of the S20 has fallen significantly. Now it can often be found hundreds of euros cheaper than when it was launched.

And expenses, of course, can fall even more, so S20 can become even cheaper in the future.

What is the difference between the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Ultra and Plus?

There are many differences between these three devices, and each of them is suitable for different types of people. The most noticeable difference lies in the size of individual models:

- Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus:

Most likely, this will be the cell phone that most of the three people like it. It is not much more expensive than the usual S20, but it has a number of noticeable improvements in the specification.

The most obvious when looking at the devices is the size. The general S20 has a height of 6.2 inches, Plus is 6.7 inches. The display remains the same quality, but Plus offers a large battery.

Another noticeable difference is in the camera, where Plus also includes a depth and time sensor.

- Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra:

Ultra will be really interesting to a small number of people. He has a monstrous size of 6.9 inches and has a thick and heavy case, which can be difficult for some.

However, he offers one of the best displays that you can find in the smartphone right now, and has a level of RAM, one of the best cameras, including 100 times the zoom, and many other impressive characteristics on the market.

In short, if you do not want to agree to less, and the price also does not matter, then Ultra can be perfect for you.

Samsung Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S20 Fe: What is cheaper?

Samsung also released a new member of the Galaxy S20 line in 2020 - the S20 Fe.Samsung S20 FE - this is, in fact, a cheaper version of the S20. He inherits many of the main characteristics of the S20, but significantly reduces the costs.

Despite the fact that Fe is not as powerful as the S20, it is still an exceptional device. It is even possible to prevail over several key characteristics, such as the battery capacity.

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