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Despite the fact that this year everyone expected from the iPhone 12 large -scale redesign, apparently, there will not be so many in its appearance.Perhaps the body of the smartphone will really find the chopped edges in the style of the iPhone 4 and 5, becoming a little more stringent, but because we perceive it in front, we simply will not succeed in seeing the cardinal differences.After all, as it suddenly turned out, in Cupertino they are not even going to get rid of the recess in the display, planning to save it at least this year.Now we have a semi -official confirmation of this theory.

iPhone 12 is almost no different from the iPhone 11.At least on Apple website

Fast Face ID, advanced zoom and macro: how the iPhone 12 will differ from the iPhone 11

ICLOUD images appeared on the iCloud website tonight.It is quite difficult to recognize the novelty at the first glance - the same display with rounded corners, the same excavation in the upper part, in which facial recognition sensors are located, even the image of the desktop is the same.But, after all, if the differences cannot be noticed immediately, this does not mean that they are not at all.Is not it?Moreover, to conduct serious checks to identify them, as it turned out, is completely not necessary - one simple comparison is enough.

How to distinguish the iPhone 12 from iPhone 11

Pay attention to the excavation, which the iPhone 12 has become a little already

In order to identify the differences between the models, you just need to lay them on each other.As a result, we see that the excavation in the iPhone 12 screen has become a little already than that of the iPhone 11.The change cannot be called critical, because without a direct comparison of smartphones it still cannot be noticed.But the very fact that Apple was able to reduce the amount of the recess, indicates that work in this direction is underway, and the company would like to make it that this designer flaw is either not at all, or it is minimally noticeable to users.

That new covers can tell about iPhone 12

Apple засветила iPhone 12 у себя на сайте. Чем он отличается от iPhone 11

However, there is nothing to enjoy here.The fact is that the excavations in the displays of the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 were even more than that of the iPhone XS and 11 Pro.This could be affected by the IPS display, which Apple equipped the younger models.Its backlight shone through the junction of the display and excavation, which is a separate unit, where person recognition sensors were placed.It is possible to eliminate this drawback, a small sealing layer was simply added to Cupertino, through which the light would not break through.And this year, the excavation becomes less not because Apple wanted to get rid of it, but because she simply eliminated the problem with the displays.

Characteristics of the iPhone 12

Left - iPhone 12, right - iPhone 11

It is not yet clear whether the Apple will save the IPS matrices in the new generation of conditionally accessible smartphones, but they definitely do not pump up with the characteristics:

Where to watch the presentation iPhone 12

Watch the presentation iPhone 12

iPhone 12 will be presented today, at 20:00 Moscow time.We, as usual, will conduct a text broadcast of the event on our Live page.Traditionally, we will start an hour before the presentation and will delight you with various leaks and plums, which almost certainly on the eve of the official event will become more and more.Therefore, be sure to join us if you want to watch a presentation in Russian with comments on people who understand the topic.

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