6 unexpected advantages of the iPhone Se 2020 over the iPhone 13 Pro

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For more than a year now I have been using the iPhone Se 2020: absolutely an ordinary smartphone with a weak battery, for the cost of which it is better to buy OnePlus.And also, probably, it is better not to advise anyone for purchase seriously and for a long time, so as not to get a portion of criticism in your address.That's what it seemed to me until recently, until my friend bought myself the iPhone 13 Pro: here the most interesting.I twisted the novelty in my hands, examined and realized that the fresh flagship from Apple was not so perfect, and the iPhone se is not so bad.In any case, I found some interesting points, thanks to which the budget iPhone exceeds the novelty.Everything is very simple.

Suddenly!Several reasons why the budget iPhone is better than the flagship


IPhone Se 2020 size

Budget iPhone SE is one of the most compact smartphones today.More convenient than it, only iPhone 13 mini.Dimensions are only 138.4*67.3*7.3 mm.The last indicator is the thickness, due to which the iPhone Se 2020 is much more convenient to use than the iPhone 13 Pro.

It seems that along with the era of compact smartphones, the times when they were thin ...

If you suddenly do not wear a cover, you will understand how cool it is when the thin iPhone is in your hands.Smartphones manufacturers have been going to make smartphones thinner for more than a year, and now, to please, consumers quietly began to make them thicker, without focusing on this.So, if you need a thin iPhone, then this is definitely not about the iPhone 13 Pro.

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The lightest iPhone

Do you need an easy iPhone?This is about SE 2020

The smartphone often falls out of the hands when you lie with it in bed.Agree, it’s not enough pleasant when, with his chopped faces, he lands right in the eye or hit the nose?With the iPhone Se 2020, this will definitely not: its case can injure you only if you break it, scratching your finger.In addition to jokes, but the budget iPhone is easier than the flagship by almost 60 g - this, by the way, is a huge difference when it comes to smartphones.It can be safely cleaned in a sleeve cover, going on a summer morning in the morning.

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Accessories for iPhone Se 2020

iPhone 7, 8 and Se 2020 are absolutely identical - you can safely wear covers from them

6 unexpected advantages of the iPhone Se 2020 over the iPhone 13 Pro

The first thing I thought about when I watched the presentation of the iPhone 13 - are the iPhone 12 covers suitable for him?Nothing like this.The new iPhone 13 smartphones are fat at once - all accessories can be safely handed out to friends if you are going to upgrade.iPhone Se 2020 does not know such problems: covers from the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 are suitable for it.The same goes for protective glasses.When Apple leaves the dimensions of the new iPhone the same, not only the sellers of small shops rejoice, but also the merchants with AliExpress, because their accessories from previous models will be in demand for more than one year.

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iPhone with Touch ID

iPhone with Touch ID will never let you down

Many rumors that are today say that Touch ID will return to the iPhone 14 - and this is even better than the return of Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United.Usually I scold Apple for the fact that the company re -introduces old technologies, but to deny the convenience of a fingerprint scanner is stupid.It seems not to win the pandemic, but no one has canceled the convenience of using the smartphone - Face ID wretly works in new realities.In addition, according to rumors, Touch ID should be under the screen - we definitely have not seen this in the iPhone.In the meantime, the iPhone Se 2020 receives another score in our small competition.

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Inexpensive smartphone for games

It is convenient to use the iPhone Se 2020 in landscape mode

Despite the fact that the iPhone Se 2020 does not have an outstanding screen (I recall, a diagonal of only 4.7 inches), it is great for existing games.They are launched adequately, without lags and hanging - A13 copes perfectly.On the hand and the frames around the display - due to them, the smartphone can be kept without fear for random presses.And the Face ID bangs are not yet cornet - a symmetrical rectangular display seems to be created for perfectionists and lovers to play.The link below was found for you iPhone Se 2020 at an indecently low price.

Cheap iPhone se 2020

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The most practical smartphone

iPhone Se 2020 is the most practical today

The iPhone Se 2020 has everything that is necessary, and an adequate price is installed on the smartphone.The battery is certainly the weakest place in this iPhone, but it is she who will not let you sit on the phone around the clock.Either save a charge, or social networks - a dilemma of owners of the iPhone Se 2020.Thus, you yourself will not notice how you will spend less time on Instagram.

Speaking of applications.Budget iPhone is ideal for everyday tasks.It is convenient for them to use one hand so that even a double touching Touch ID will not be needed - you easily reach any part of the screen with your thumb..If the previous generation of the iPhone SE really outlived itself due to the size of the display, then 4.7 inches today is a little more than enough for all.

All this time I did not like my iPhone se, and every day the negativity only accumulated.But, if you think about it, the "seven", as my friend jokes, is not so bad.

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