At today's event, “What’s Next for Windows” Microsoft introduced Windows 11, which marked the new Windows era in general.The company focuses on the fact that Windows is an open platform, which means that developers can create completely different applications and opportunities to help users create, study and play.

Key improvements in Windows 11:

New Microsoft Store

The company introduced a completely new Microsoft Store for Windows, which now supports more applications, including Win32, .NET and PWA.Moreover, in the store you can now find an Android application from Amazon Store.

The store itself was also redesigned.Thanks to new features, such as Pop-up Store, users will be able to install applications directly from the browser.In addition, the company has greatly simplified the search by applications.

From now on, developers will be able to maintain 100% of their income when using their own payment system in applications from Microsoft Store (does not apply to PC games).From such applications, the company will not charge a commission.It is reported that the preliminary assembly of the new Microsoft Store will soon become available to participants in the Windows Insider program.

Improved tools for native and web applications

Microsoft announced the new PWABULDER 3, with which you can create a PWA from your web application in a matter of minutes.Also in Windows 11, the constantly updated webView2 component is pre-installed, which simplifies its use as an effective and safe way to create hybrid web applications.Of course, you can continue to use such tools for developers as Windows Terminal and Microsoft Edge Devtools, since they are also now included in Windows 11.

The Windows App SDK package, previously known as the Project Reunion, will simplify the integration of Windows 11 functions in your applications, and at the same time will cover more than a billion Windows 10 users. The company promises that the development of the package will continue in close cooperation with the community.By the way, from today you can already use the stable version of the Project Reunion 0.8.This version includes improving stability for Winui3 and supporting Visual Studio 16.10.Windows App SDK 1.0 will be released at the end of this year.

And finally, you can create applications that work on Windows on Arm, using a new tool compatible with ARM64 Emulation Compatible.Using ARM64EC, you can mix your own ARM code and an emulated X64 code in one process or module.This compatibility means that you can optimize your application for work in Windows on ARM, even if your application has a x64 dependence or uploads connected X64 modules that you do not control.

Application updating

Что означает выход Windows 11 для разработчиков?

If you want to update the design and the capabilities of your application, so that it works well and looks in Windows 11, then you can use Winui to introduce rounded geometry, updated iconography, new typographic, funny micro -interaction (for example, Lottie animations) and an updated color palette.New materials, such as Mica, have also received a meaningful hierarchy and much more.Snap layouts guarantee that you and your users will be productive in Windows 11.

In addition, you can easily create windows of your application and control them using Reunion Windowing.It works with the existing application code, simplifies general operations and brings new functionality to your applications, such as light dispersion mode, the “picture in the picture” and the simplified setting of the window header.

Development of games for PC and consoles

To simplify the development of games for PC, Microsoft publishes Game Development Kit (GDK) on GitHub.The GDK contains general tools, libraries and documentation necessary to create a PC games, and is the same basic GDK, which are used by thousands of developers today to provide players with excellent opportunities.GDK complements the Game Stack technology collection to help developers create, publish, monetize and scale their games.

Microsoft also announced that game technologies that were previously available only on consoles will now be included in Windows 11. We are talking about DirectStorage.To get all the advantages of DirectStorage, you will need a firm drive PCIe 3.0+ NVME and a graphic processor that supports DirectX 12 and Shader Model 6.0+.This allows you to reduce games loading time, and also help to create more extensive, detailed and living worlds.

Also, Auto HDR support will appear in the system, which automatically introduces an expanded dynamic range (HDR) in games based on DirectX 11 or newer.Players and developers do not need to make any changes to the work of these games.