Square Enix has announced an updated collection of six classic Final Fantasy games.Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster will include Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy V, and Final Fantasy VI. mobile devices, but not on consoles, as many fans have stated in the Square Enix comments.

There have been rumors of a Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, but this is the first time the title has officially been revealed. Square Enix has previously released remastered Final Fantasy games for mobile phones and PCs, not to mention a completely remastered Final Fantasy VII, but "improvements" to the pixel art of older games have not received fan acclaim.

The name Pixel Remaster, we hope, implies that the art of the series will return to its jagged roots, as does the fact that Square calls the games "the ultimate 2D remasters."

Square Enix hasn't provided any further information other than a very short trailer showing screenshots from the original games. It's unclear if the games will be bundled together as intended, or if they will be released separately. While games like Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy VI continue to shine despite their age, other games in the collection such as Final Fantasy II have not aged as well. It's unclear if Square Enix will make any changes to the games' story or gameplay, but it seems extremely unlikely.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster doesn't have a release date yet, but Square Enix says the collection will be available "soon."

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Коллекция Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster объединяет первые шесть игр вместе