Microsoft teased the next generation of Windows 10, and now the company announced that it would officially present a new version of June 14.General Director of Sataya Valel and Chief Director of Panos Panay will be presented at an event that is planned to start at 11:00 east of east / 8:00 in the Pacific time on June 24.

“Soon we will share one of the most significant Windows updates over the past decade to discover great economic opportunities for developers and creators,” said Valla during the main performance by Build 2021 last week.“We will create more opportunities for each Windows developer today and welcome every creator who is looking for the most innovative, new, open platform for creating, distributing and monetizing applications,” he added, which confirms the company's reports working on the updated Microsoft store.

AMD eludes, since the exploit of LOG4Shell affects other leading technological giants such as Intel, Microsoft and NVIDIA.

Microsoft представит следующее поколение Windows 24 июня

"I am incredibly glad of the new generation of Windows".- Nadalla

Microsoft recently confirmed the refusal of Windows 10x development, its operating system designed for devices with two screens.The company already had plans to integrate some of the new Windows 10X elements in Windows 10 with several design improvements, including new system icons that appeared in the Insider assembly over the past few months.

I look forward to June 24, I hope you join us! #MicrosoftEvent https: // t.Co/bdonj8spl4 pic.Twitter.COM/551P6Wly9z

- Panos Panai (@panos_panay) June 2, 2021.

According to rumors, Windows 10 Sun Valley, which is scheduled for the end of this year, will contain a number of new functions and improvements to Windows 10x.But now the company is also focusing on making the operating system more profitable for developers and creators.

You can see a live broadcast in Microsoft June 24.

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