Apple magic happened: On October 18 at 8:30 pm, my 2020 MacBook Pro with the latest and fastest M1 processor turned into a pumpkin. Has ceased to be the most top-end, fastest and most modern.

I watched the presentation of new laptops with M1 Pro and Max processors (just like iPhones!) and thought to myself: is one kidney enough to trade it for a 14″ MacBook with M1 Max? (spoiler alert: not enough)

After the presentation, I began to meticulously study the specifications of laptops on the updated Apple website. Beautiful photos, a riot of performance, and the feeling that they tucked the Mac Pro into a compact body completely ruined my mood. But then I discovered one nuance that completely discouraged me from upgrading my 2020 MacBook to a model with new processors.

Now I will prove to you that the MacBook M1 (2020) is better.

New MacBooks lose in autonomy

If you open the laptop comparison page on Apple's website, select three models, and scroll down to the battery life section, the 2020 MacBook with the M1 processor comes in second in terms of battery life.

Already disturbing:

But if you scroll the comparison table to the end, then the most interesting will be written in small letters:

Wait a minute… new macbooks will run 3-6 hours less than mine?

Yes, new products have built-in ports, but I, like many MacBook owners, have long had all the necessary adapters. Yes, the new products have amazing performance, but I don’t need it, because I don’t create CGI graphics, I don’t do 8K video editing, and I don’t render projects in DaVinci Resolve.

I don't even play games on my MacBook because they don't exist. Now, if you could roll Windows, then you could also think about the option of upgrading your “firmware” to a new 14″ with M1 Pro or Max. But no - "Windows" cannot be installed on it.

The main task of my macbook is to work on the Internet for a long time. And it is in this that the 2020 MacBook Pro simply makes new laptops.

The secret is that the M1 processor is more energy efficient. The moment when more powerful does not mean better. Although the built-in battery capacity in the 2021 14-inch laptop has increased to 70 Wh, last year's MacBook with its 58.2 Wh shows better autonomy in everyday tasks.

Even movies on the 2020 MacBook can be watched longer: the old model lasts 20 hours, while the new 14″ only lasts 17 hours.

See for yourself, here is a link to a comparison of the new and old MacBook.

New processors, mega performance... what if the laptop just ran out of power and shut down SIX hours early?

And also, due to the emergence of new models, the MacBook Pro M1 (2020) is now on sale at a discount and starts at 119,990 rubles for the version with 256 GB of memory. Generally the norm.

So I stick with my MacBook Pro M1, which is flawlessly fast, has a great screen, and has amazing battery life, even compared to brand new Apple laptops.

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