Major Russian retailer M.Video launched a big sale called "Total Liquidation".

The promotion offers discounts up to 70%. It will last until April 12, 2021.

With a maximum discount of 70%, small appliances and accessories are offered - such as covers and protective glasses for smartphones, electric hair pliers and the like.

Discounts in the “more than 50%” category are already more interesting. For example, a range of vacuum cleaners is offered, from manual to robotic. So, the Tefal X-PERT 3.60 handheld vacuum cleaner is offered at a price of 9990 instead of the previous 21,990 rubles, and the Tefal Smart Force X-plorer robot vacuum cleaner is 9490 instead of the previous 22,990 rubles. There are offers on multicookers, blenders, electric grills, and much more.

More expensive devices appear in the “more than 30%” category – from TVs to high-end coffee machines and refrigerators, including robotic vacuum cleaners. The flagship smartphones Samsung Galaxy S21 and Huawei P40 Pro + series can be bought at a discount of up to 10 thousand rubles.

With the most impressive discounts in monetary terms, a 27-inch iMac monoblock computer from Apple is offered, which can be bought for 171,990 instead of the previous 187,990 rubles, a Samsung QE75Q77TAU TV (169,990 instead of 199,990 rubles), a Sony Alpha7 III camera (164,990 instead of 182,990 rubles). There are other interesting proposals as well.

М.Видео запустил «ликвидацию» со странными скидками

Updated. True, there is a catch in this action. The problem is that some discounted prices are now also available in other stores for the same "standard" price. For example, the same vacuum cleaners are offered at a price of about 10 thousand rubles, not only in M.Video. The Samsung QE75Q77TAU TV is offered at a similar discount in the official Samsung store. And the Sony Alpha7 III is available at such prices in the official Sony store. Nevertheless, discounts on Apple's iMac are quite fair - prices for a 27-inch iMac model in the official Apple store start at 188,990 rubles, and for a 21.5-inch model with 4K screen - from 134,990 rubles.