I moved to the iPhone for the first time in many years yesterday.I will tell you about my experience of using this smartphone, but for now I’ll focus on the first steps that I had to do on iOS.Despite the fact that since 2011 I have not changed the iPad and use the Mac as the only computer that I have solved working and household problems, I did not have an iPhone.I preferred him android devices, which I changed once every 1.5-2 years and, in general, I did not know grief.Fortunately, the transition from Android to Android has always been easy and relaxed.But what is it like to switch from Android to iOS?

Transferring data from Android to iOS is not so difficult

Which smartphone to buy when switching from iPhone to Android

To start using the iPhone, I needed to transfer data from Android to iOS.To do this, there are a lot of applications that, as it were, make a backup on one smartphone, and then reproduce it on another.Apple also has this.Called "transfer to iOS".I used it.Looking ahead, I’ll say that you should choose it, because only it allows you to transfer applications from Android to iOS.

Перенос D.анных с Android на iPhone

To quickly transfer data, you need to install the connection between the devices

The data transfer procedure from Android to iOS is quite simple, so even the child will figure it out.Nevertheless, I will describe the key stages, my own plugs and claims to the transfer methodology.

iOS allows you to transfer not so much data, despite the fact that part of the declared it still does not tolerate

It is important to understand that you can transfer a rather limited data spectrum:

How much does the most powerful Android Smartphone cost?Spoiler: half as much as iPhone

Despite the fact that you can transfer contacts from android to an iPhone without difficulties, no an alarm clock, no applications, nor notes are tolerated.At least this is not visible on the data selection page.However, a backup copy from the Android Smartphone, which is copied on the iPhone, contains data on the applications established by you earlier.So at the time when copying is completed and you will find yourself on the iPhone desktop, you will be invited to install all your applications.

"All applications" - this, of course, is said loudly.Despite the fact that the iPhone really pulls up some part of the software installed on your Android, for some reason it happens very selectively.Moreover, I'm talking about free applications, not about paid.But even they were not established in full.

Перенести приложения с АнD.роиD.а на Айфон

Как перенести D.анные с АнD.роиD.а на Айфон. И D.аже приложения

Tiktok, Telegram, State Services, Tasteville, ribbon, Mango Insurance, Tinkoff Mobile, Green City, Eldorado-these and many other applications for some reason have not been established.I would also understand if they were paid, although even then it was possible to just offer me to pay software and download it.So no, Apple lost about 25% of all applications, regardless of what business model they spread.

iOS remembers your applications and allows you to install them from the App Store, it is a pity that not all

But that's okay.Much worse that SMS did not move to iPhone.Rather, no.They moved.But also somehow very selective.As a result, the very old messages that I received a year or even two ago copied, and the new ones from PickPoint, from Sberlogistics, from Ozon and T.D..- either did not transfer, or ended up at the very bottom.

Причём старьё Apple почему-то вынесла на самый верх, как буD.то бы эти сообщения только-только пришли.In short, strange. В результате я не смог забрать свой заказ из PickPoint, потому что обнаружил отсутствие смс от них только переD. постаматом. Пришлось возвращаться D.омой, перебрасывать это сообщение с коD.ом себе и иD.ти за посылкой заново.

Apple showed which Android smartphones IPhone can compete

Какой можно сD.елать вывоD.? Ну, D.анные D.ействительно переносятся, пусть и в ограниченном количестве. Даже приложения, о трансфере которых почему-то нигD.е не говорится, тоже хуD.о-беD.но переносятся, скачиваясь уже из App Store. Не очень уD.обно, что они скачиваются не в полном объёме, но всё-таки это лучше, чем если бы мне пришлось скачивать кажD.ую программу руками.

Since I have about a hundred of them, I would spend a lot of time on it.Therefore, I have no complaints.But what really disappointed me is SMS.They all surprete, and part did not move at all. НикогD.а бы не поD.умал, что буD.у жалеть о них, но это факт. Так что, Apple, научись уже переносить сообщения межD.у платформами.