If you suffered from malicious software, do not panic, not everything is lost yet.

Many users are wondering what to do if the computer was infected with malicious software. While potential threats that can cause viruses should not be underestimated, you can “cure” your computer without much difficulties, thanks to many useful tools. I use the term “malicious software” to denote all types of computer threats: from viruses and trousers to extortionists. With so many harmful programs and many different system settings, I cannot cover each specific scenario. But I can give you several general tips to help in the fight against them. What to do first of all, the first step is to understand that your computer is infected. When this happens, you sometimes get a message about a threatening error, but sometimes this does not happen. Therefore, you should look closely at some deviations in the operation of the device, for example, slowing down the system, malfunctions in programs or pop-up windows during web surfing. Most PCs and laptops have your own antivirus protection, even if it is just a Windows Defender utility (Windows Defender) Built in Windows 10. Additional security software is not so important for MacOS, because integrated protection tools are very effective, but this does not mean that devices on this operating system cannot be infected.

If you have a safety tool (antivirus), be sure to update it. When you suspect that the virus attacked you, perform a thorough scan of the system. Don't know how to do it? The program itself should have instructions for starting scanning. This is always the first step in the fight against malicious programs and viruses. You can find that the installed security software reveals the problem and effectively deleys it on its own. But if your antivirus does not see anything bad or cannot cope with what he found, you will have more work. Information about specific threats on your computer is displayed by certain symptoms-for example, a message with a specific error code or a threatening warning about extortion-run a web post to get additional information. In addition, if you suspect that your main computer is infected and can cause problems with a web browser, you should look for your smartphone or another computer. It may seem that finding information about the virus on the Internet is a useless activity, but this is often the best way to cope With the largest and most latest threats. To get rid of the error that has overloaded the built -in antivirus protection of your computer, you must probably follow certain instructions. Otherwise, you can unintentively worsen the situation.

As soon as new threats appear, security companies quickly publish instructions to combat them. That is why it is important to monitor the latest technological news. Also, when starting an antivirus program, you should check the updates to make sure that the company has released special tools that can help in solving the problem that has appeared. Nakonets, depending on the fact that your observations and antivirus checks will show, think about turning the computer from the Internet to stop the spread of malicious software. Try third parties to the first stage, you checked your computer for harmful programs using standard security software. If the problem remains, you can find third -party malware scanners. They do not require much to install and can act as a replacement of your existing antivirus applications. Such tools, such as Microsoft Safety Scanner, Spybot Search and Destroy, Bitdefender Virus Scanner, Kaspersky Security Scaner, Avira PC To eliminate problems and provide your existing security tools with assistance.

Another reason for using additional software is that any unpleasant code implemented in your system can lead to your usual security tools will not work properly. This can even block access to the Internet. In the latter case, you should use another computer to download one of these programs on a USB drive, and then install it on the infected device. All the above programs will carefully scan your computer in search of viruses. To make sure of this, you can always start scanning using several different tools. If your computer is infected, then these applications are likely to identify the problem and solve it, or at least give you further instructions. Delete and reset only you have exhausted all solutions to ensure security, you still have a couple of other options. To begin with, check all your new installed applications and extensions of the browser and delete all those that you do not know or you do not need. The problem with this method is that you can accidentally delete part of the software that will be vital. A radical but extremely effective way is to reset all the computer settings, reinstall the operating system and start everything from zero. Despite the fact that this will delete all your personal files, it should erase the malicious software and other undesirable programs at the same time. Before taking this step, make sure that all your important files and folders are in another place and make sure that you can download all your applications again.

Как удалить вредоносное ПО с вашего компьютера

Reinstalling the operating system and the return of the computer to factory settings is actually quite simple than you think. Microsoft has its own Windows instructions, and Apple has MacOS. If you need more, you can find a lot of additional information on the Internet. Divorce combining these methods of combating viruses, you should effectively eliminate all the problems that have arisen in your system. If this did not help you, then the time has come to contact the experts. Prevention of future problem protection of your computer from malicious software is a whole “history”, but there is a brief presentation of the basics. Be careful with open links and investments, as well as with files that you install on your computer. Remember that most viruses and malicious programs come to us through a mail or web browser, so make sure what links you click on and what you download.

Затем установите надежный инструмент безопасности, которому вы можете доверять. Для Windows 10, встроенная программа Windows Defender является довольно компетентным антивирусным инструментом. Тем не менее, вы можете купить дополнительное программное обеспечение от Norton, Avast и многих других. Хотя количество вредоносных программ, ориентированных на компьютеры Apple, растет, они все еще более безопасны, чем Windows устройства.Сохранение вашей системы в актуальном состоянии является одним из самых простых и эффективных способов обеспечения безопасности.Наконец, убедитесь, что ваше программное обеспечение всегда обновлено. Большинство программ будут автоматически обновляться в фоновом режиме, но вы можете проверить наличие обновлений в Windows, открыв «Настройки» и нажав «Обновление и безопасность» (Update & security). На компьютере с macOS просто откройте App Store и перейдите на вкладку «Обновления».

It is difficult to give specific tips for each system and each user, but you should always remember that 100% effective protection is difficult to guarantee.Just always be on the alert!

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