CCP games are announced today in the popular MMORPG EVE Online now you can play both on Intel and M 1 MAC thanks to the launch of the new client for Mac.

For those who are not familiar with Eve Online, this is a free long online game focused on space, huge in its scale. He has been free for many years and is monetized by shopping in the application. Mac users will be able to play with Windows gamers, since Eve will be able to playOnline is one large universe.

Previously, in EVE Online, one could only play Mac with such compatibility as Wine, so the gameplay will be faster, more efficiently and without problems. The game has improved graphics and visual effects on the Mac, as well as the consumption of RAM and energy.Complete support for keyboard and computers Mac.

The Mac client has been in the testing stage for some time, and CCP reports that users' reviews about the test server have provided vital assistance, since he worked on the implementation of compatibility with Mac. Those who installed the latest version of the launch program will automatically switch from the previous customer WineOn the client Mac.

Eve Online теперь встроена в Mac и оптимизирована для Apple Silicon.