News associated with technologies are very often associated with rumors and leaks about future gadgets, such as smartphones, laptops, wearable devices and much more. Moreover, in many cases, rumors and leaks are absolutely accurate, in many cases they simply do not come true. We are a time for us. We get thousands of such rumors that are never embodied in the reality of the launch of the product. In 2021 there were also several rumors - from folding phones to folding Pixel and Apple Watch with flat edges - there were many rumors that did not become a reality this year. 2021 is coming to an end in less than two weeks, let's take a look at some of the most common rumors that have not been materialized throughout the year:

1. Galaxy S21 FE

Perhaps this is the only smartphone that was really implemented, but was not released this year, despite a few hints that it will be released during one of the few events that Samsung held this year. Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe, simplified The version of the flagship of the Galaxy S21 series this year should now be launched in January 2022, and not in 2021. There are several Samsung events ahead - whether it is the Fold launch or later. ” Unpacked ”, on which the company launched the custom Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, according to rumors, the launch of the Galaxy S21 Fe was launched several times. We hope that the January report on launch will be true.


This year, Google released its most advanced and probably the latest Pixel - Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Now, when we were waiting for the Pixel device during the year, only to see their launch in October. There were rumors about Pixel 6, we walked Talking that Google can also release the Pixel folding smartphone. They say that Google Pixel Fold, according to rumors under the code name “Passport”, will be supplied with the Samsung LTPO display. However, this did not happen, and at the moment there is not a word about the folding Pixel smartphone. Rumors were based on the fact that in 2019, Google confirmed that he was working on the prototype of a folding smartphone, but only for internal testing purposes.

3. Pixel Watch

Like Pixel Fold, rumors also went about Pixel Watch in 2021.Google smart watches will appear in 2022, and it was recently reported that they would be called Rohan.Pixel Watch renders also appeared earlier.This year, a round dial is demonstrated by virtually no facial panels.Pixel Watch, as they say, are separated from the wearable Google Fitbit devices, and, as they say, their price is higher than that of the wearable Fitbit devices.

4. Apple Watch с плоской кромкой.

Конец 2021 года: устройства, подтверждающие слухи, не всегда верны в этом году

All Apple products appear every year in the news and rumors. In this year, on the eve of the release of the iPhone 13 and the Apple Watch Series 7, there were rumors that Apple would present a new design for its Apple Watch, which will correspond to the current design language with flat the edges, like the iPhone 13. The series and new MacBook Pro models. However, to the great surprise of everyone (especially forecast experts), Apple this year did not introduce Apple Watch with flat edges. The company really put a larger display, which also hints at A leak, but the design language remained almost the same as that of the predecessor.

5. LG Rollable

LG, a company that surprised all of us last year with its unique LG Wing smartphone, this year, according to rumors, introduced the LG Rollable smartphone. By rumors, LG Rollable became the second device in the Explorer Project line (the first was LG WING).The smartphone herself teased LG herself a couple of times, but did not hit the market or even officially.LG not only did not introduce its next generation smartphone this year, but also completely closed its smartphone production business in 2021 due to many years of losses.

6. Oppo X 2021

Oppo X 2021, another “displaying” smartphone, which was teased at the event of the Chinese company Inno Day in 2020, also had to appear this year.However, this year he did not appear in the markets.Instead, this year took him run your first folding open find n. Compact form.The display, however, increased to a 7.4-inch size, when it was put forward (rolled out) on the right side. The concept is similar to the roll out LG.

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