Do not throw away, but recycle: accessories made from recycled plastic appeared in stores

May 17, 2021, 12:53 pm

A collection of accessories for an eco-friendly lifestyle is available to Nizhny Novgorod residents.


The Pyaterochka retail chain has launched a new accumulative campaign called "Ecology is easier than it seems," the press service of the retail chain told Vremya N news agency.

“Thanks to the promotion, guests can get a discount of up to 90% on a collection of items and accessories made with the addition of recycled plastic,” the retail chain said. “The collection includes bags, laptop and document cases, containers and water bottles of the Re-Generation brand.”

The complete collection includes seven accessories and products for sports, leisure and sustainable lifestyle, designed by Italian designers: a backpack, a laptop bag and documents, a convertible bag, a fanny pack, a bottle for drinks and food containers with a lid of 0.5 l and 1 l.

All accessories are made with environmentally friendly recycled materials. So, the fabric for sewing bags is made from 100% recycled PET.

“For example, it took 20 used plastic bottles to make one backpack: they were crushed, melted, and the resulting liquid was stretched into threads that were spun into a strong, wear-resistant material,” the trading network reported. “On the lining of each bag there is a tag indicating the number of plastic bottles that went into the manufacture of the product and, accordingly, were not sent to landfill.”

To get a discount on the accessory you like, you need to make purchases at any Pyaterochka from May 4 to August 23 using your Help-Card. For every 200 rubles in the check, electronic stickers will be credited. After collecting a certain number of stickers, they can be exchanged for a discount. The total balance of stickers is always reflected in your personal account in the network's mobile application and in the check.

Не выбрасывать, а перерабатывать: в магазинах появились аксессуары из переработанного пластика

A special website has also been developed, which provides detailed information about the project and contains short video tutorials on ecology that teach the separate collection of plastic, paper, glass and metal.

“Our new campaign is a clear example of how waste recycling and a reasonable attitude to natural resources give life to new things - stylish, high-quality, durable,” says Mikhail Yartsev, Marketing Director of the Pyaterochka retail chain. — I hope that this initiative will not leave our guests indifferent and in the future even more people will become more careful and attentive to the environment and lead a conscious lifestyle. Even a small step in this direction is a great benefit for the entire planet, so we encourage all our guests to share the love of nature with us.”

Author: Dmitry Larionov