In Chrome OS, their own applications work in the cloud.This means that applications to increase performance, such as Gmail and Google Docs, live and store elements in the cloud.New Chromebook also support Android applications loaded through Google Play Store.This opens up a wide range of opportunities with millions of available applications and games to increase performance.Both web applications and android applications support labels and are easily available through the launch panel.Are you looking for familiar applications for social networks or mobile games, Android applications offer something for everyone.Let's see how to start working with Android applications in Chrome OS, and also consider some of the best installation applications.

Is your Chromebook compatible with Android applications?

Before you start expanding the choice of applications through the Google Play Store, you need to make sure that your Chromebook is supported.If your Chromebook was released in 2017 or later, it is likely that it can launch android applications.The fastest way to check it is to go to the settings on Chromebook.

Check if your Chromebook supports Google Play:

Some old Chromebook did not supply with the default support for Google Play.However, many of these devices received Android applications through updating.If you have an old Chromebook, you should check the availability of updates if you do not see the available Google Play Store option.

How to update Chromebook:

Unfortunately, if the Google Play Store option is still not displayed in the settings, your device does not support Android applications.If your Chromebook does not support Android applications, it is probably worth moving to one of our favorite new Chromebook.If your Chromebook supports Android applications, Google Play Store should be turned on by default.In rare cases, this parameter has not yet been turned on, you can choose “turn on” to enable the ability to launch Android applications.

Installing and using Android applications in Chrome OS

If you use the Android phone daily, you already know how to install applications from Play Store.On the other hand, this process can be a little new for those who use the iPhone as an everyday device.Installation of applications from Play Store is very similar to the Apple App Store process for iOS or MacOS.

How to download android applications on Chromebook:

Now that you know how to install android applications, let's look at the best options in each category.

The best android applications in Chrome OS

Before we move on to our list of the best Android applications for each category, note that not all Android applications are optimized for Chromebook.Most popular social networks, applications for increasing performance and multimedia are optimized, but there are rare exceptions.It is easy to determine whether the application for Chromebook is optimized - you will notice that the application still works in a window the size of a phone screen.

Most of the applications discussed below are optimized for Chrome OS, with the exception of Microsoft Office Mobile.


Загрузить QR-кодWhatsApp Messenger Разработчик: WhatsApp LLC Цена: Бесплатно

One of the most popular messages in the world.Most likely, you are already using this application on your phone, so it's nice that you can also use it on your Chromebook.In addition to the exchange of messages, you can also make telephone or video calls in the application.


Загрузить QR-CodeTwitter Разработчик: Twitter, Inc. Цена: Бесплатно +

Although android there are several third-party Twitter applications, they are mainly limited by the Twitter API interface.Because of this, the official Twitter application is still suitable for Android or Chrome OS.Watch your favorite conversations and participate in polls or group DM.All the latest Twitter functions are available on your Chromebook with this Android application.


Загрузить QR-CodeNetflix Разработчик: Netflix, Inc. Цена: Бесплатно +

Приложения Android в Chrome OS в 2021 году: полное руководство

Today, almost everyone uses Netflix.If you have Chromebook, most likely you will want to broadcast your favorite shows on it.Watch TV shows, films, documentaries and special performances marked with awards.With a mobile application, you get Netflix on the road, on the road or just relax with the new Chromebook.

VLC Media Player

Скачать QR-CodeVLC для Android Разработчик: Videolabs Цена: Бесплатно +

Stream gear is great, but sometimes you want to reproduce your already existing content.VLC Media Player is a free cross -platform player with open source, which plays most multimedia files, as well as discs, devices and network streaming protocols.One of the most universal video applications, it is necessary for your Chromebook or a tablet with Chrome OS.

Adobe Lightroom

Загрузить QR-код Adobe Lightroom: редактор фотографий Разработчик: Adobe Цена: бесплатно +

Lightroom is a photo editor with a rather intuitive interface.If you are not entirely ready for endless Photoshop, Lightroom may be your application.Simple images editing tools, such as sliders and filters for images, simplify the editing of photos.Retouch photos in full resolution, use photo filters or start editing photos, wherever you are.Experiment and compare edited photos without losing the original, and choose your favorite look.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Скачать QR-CodePhotoshop Express Photo Editor Разработчик: Adobe Цена: Бесплатно +

Professional authors need Photoshop power on the go.Adobe Photoshop Express application adds this power to your Chromebook.Photoshop Express provides a full range of tools and effects at hand.Remove the noise, instantly correct the image curves or just use this professional tool to create cute memes for Instagram.

Microsoft Office

Загрузить QR-кодMicrosoft Office: Edit & Share Разработчик: Microsoft Corporation Цена: Бесплатно +

Microsoft Office is the most popular performance package offering Android applications for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc..D..In general, the Android version of each Office application works quite well in Chrome OS.The basic editing functions are free in all applications, but on devices of more than 10 inches - which is most Chromebook - you will need a subscription to Microsoft 365 to enable all functions.Unfortunately, the OneDrive version for Android does not work on Chromebook incorrectly.Now you can download Word, Excel and PowerPoint in one application, which will simplify the organization of the application panel.

If your main goal in Chrome OS is productivity, also think about buying a docking station to turn Chromebook into a permanent workstation.

Pocket casts

Скачать QR-CodePocket Casts - Podcast Player Разработчик: Automattic, Inc Цена: бесплатно +

For Pocket Casts podcast enthusiasts, is the best subcaster that you will find on Android.Many premium functions and a beautiful user interface make this application one of our loved ones for Android.If you spend a lot of time, listening to podcasts, the function of pruning silence and passing the entry will help you immediately go to the content of each episode.


Скачать QR-CodeSpotify: Музыка и подкасты Разработчик: Spotify AB Цена: Бесплатно

Android there are many options for streaming music.If you are an iPhone user, you can even download and use the Apple Music from Play Store.However, Spotify is our favorite music client for Chrome OS.Thanks to long-standing traditions in the musical space, a pleasant user interface and a large library, this is still the best streaming service and application.

These are our favorite Android applications for Chrome OS.There is something for everyone, from social networks to professional applications for editing photos.When it comes to using Android applications on Chromebook, there are practically unlimited possibilities.Keep in mind that some applications may not be fully optimized, but even in this case these applications still work for the main functions.If you are fond of mobile games, you can also download many of your favorite Android games.

For those who need powerful desktop applications that are not on Android, get acquainted with our Linux application guide to Chrome OS.Now that you have got acquainted with our choice, tell us which Android applications you use in Chrome OS.