If you refuse purchases in the summer and wait for discounts on Black Friday and a cyber -heater to update your computer or build a new one (without a new video card, since they cannot be found outside the preliminary assembly right now), you can save a hundred dollars or more, using many discountsFrom 10 to 40 dollars for components such as processors, RAM and solid -state drives.

However, if you are one of those who always choose a missile installation in shooters, you can prefer one big purchase on Black Friday / cyberflower, potentially saving hundreds of dollars for one shot. This is not necessarily the best way to save money because giant discounts may be the resultearlier prices of prices, and unexpected shortcomings can be hidden in the specifications. Last week we noticed a game PC for $ 3069.99 with an incredibly small SSD for 240 GB.

However, if you are looking for a high -class product, you can figure it out well, waiting for its first price fall. As only the first users who are not important will be satisfied, we will usually see a decrease in prices for several hundred dollars on the most expensive gaming equipmentFor PCs, it may be possible to get an extravagant gaming device at the price of a standard or at least lower than the absolute upper limit of your budget. (Just be prepared for the fact that the price will fall again next year.)

Here are the largest one-time discounts in the amount in the dollars that we still found in this cyber-heater, with the conditions that the product should be really good, and the discount should be really new, and not swollen due to a link to an outdated list of prices.

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1,999,99 US dollars (initially $ 2499.99)

Earlier this year, we examined the absurd 49-inch game monitor Odyssey Neo G9 from Samsung, and it is as cool as you could expect from scrolling pixels of 240 Hz on the desktop.However, we noted one serious drawback: it costs $ 2500, that it goes far beyond the budget of monitors of almost everyone. The good news: on November 22, the price of $ 500 was reduced, so now it is only $ 2,000, which also goes far beyondThe budget for monitors of almost everyone, but to a lesser extent.

At least, this discount is a reminder that the equipment of a super -high class does not have a tendency to maintain its initial price for a long time, at least if it does not are in demand such as video cards.

1,799,99 US dollars (initially $ 2,599.99)

Microsoft sells a high -class Razer Blade 15 gaming laptop - our favorite gaming laptop - for $ 1799.99, which is 800 dollars below the price list of the Razer laptop and $ 700 is cheaper than the current selling price of Razer.

$ 1799.99 is still a bigger money that can be spent on a laptop, but the characteristics are good-Intel Core i7-10875h, 16 GB of RAM, 1 TB SSD and RTX 3070-and light and thin Razer game laptops are the most attractive options . there. However, if you are on the market, look at how you feel about Alienware M15 R6 with similar characteristics. It is sold $ 100 cheaper, and you get a display with a resolution of 1440p and 240 Hz instead of a display with a resolution of 1080p and 360 Hz. Personally, would prefer a higher resolution than a higher renewal frequency, since 240 Hz is still a higher frequency of update than you ever need for most games.

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Самые большие скидки на компьютерные игры в этом году включают ноутбук Razer и гигантский монитор.

Price: 2699.99 dollars (initially 3289.99 US dollars)

If you had not passed the transaction page, Dell would allow you to collect this game PC for $ 3204.59. You would save 504.60 dollars to the transaction. Lesson: be careful by watching the Dell website at this time of the year!

PC Dell Alienware have high prices because of their characteristics-you pay more for these unusual non-standard buildings, liquid cooling and other details-but this is still a discount of $ 500 for good assembly. And because of this, these transactions are quickly sold out.I found another deal with Dell, on which on Alienware Aurora R12 with NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti, 568.40 dollars were withdrawn, but he and this one were sold out when I wrote.

Вы можете просматривать Страница предложений киберпонедельника Dell чтобы узнать, есть ли в продаже аналогичные ПК.На него стоит обратить внимание, если вам нравятся характерные овальные светодиодные индикаторы Alienware и вам нужна компактная система — скажем, если вы будете часто ее перемещать.В противном случае поищите больше предложений для игровых ПК Cyber ​​Monday в нашем хабе, так как вы можете найти хорошие характеристики без премиум-класса Alienware.

Price: 1899 dollars (initially $ 2,999)

For this Gigabyte laptop, you can pay a full price list of $ 3,000, although you will have not to conduct any research and still somehow get to the page of a small retail seller who did not make a discount on it. This is unlikely, but since this could happen and since 3 thousand dollars are not an unexpected price list for these specifications (here is Razer Blade 15 with a large amount of RAM for $ 3100), this is, in truth, a discount of $ 1,100, with the reservation that $ 300 from it is This is a discount.

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Тем не менее, если вы хотите купить высококачественный игровой ноутбук, я бы, вероятно, не стал покупать его с OLED-дисплеем 4K 60 Гц.Это наверняка даст вам хорошее изображение, но вы могли бы потратить на 200 долларов меньше и получить Alienware m15 R6 с дисплеем 1440p 240 Гц за 1699,99 долларов.Для игр мы предпочитаем быстрые дисплеи 1440p медленным дисплеям 4K, и это на 500 долларов меньше заранее, если учесть скидку Gigabyte, которая должна быть отправлена ​​по почте и вернется к вам в виде предоплаченной карты.В качестве альтернативы, если вы планируете использовать свой новый игровой ноутбук с внешним дисплеем по большей части, вы можете сделать покупки для ноутбука Cyber ​​Monday на ноутбуке 1080p и сэкономить немного больше.

Для получения дополнительных предложений, особенно на игровые ПК, ноутбуки и дисплеи, которые начинаются по более разумным ценам, обратитесь к нашему полному списку предложений по компьютерным играм Cyber ​​Monday.