If you bought a new iPhone, you probably thought about how to transfer all the information from your old phone. In the case of an iPhone, you can create a backup in iCloud and recover from it, but many do not buy so much space, and free space simply does not have enough to create a backup. And the recovery through iTunes is a real lottery. Not to mention Android - for example, there is still no transfer of WhatsApp messages during migration from iPhone on Android and vice versa. It is not surprising that third -party developers quickly faded and released applications for copying data from one phone to another.

This application can transfer data from both iPhone and Android

One of these applications is Phonetrans, which allows you to transfer information not only from the iPhone to the iPhone, but also from the iPhone on Android.More than 20,000 different phone models are supported, from completely budget to the latest flagships.A distinctive feature of this utility is that it automatically converts data into a supported format.

You can simply transfer the data, clone the iPhone or combine two devices

How to transfer data to a new iPhone

The menu for transferring data from one phone to another is called Phone to Phone.We connect the iPhone and the old phone (for example, Android) to the computer and wait a bit while the application analyzes the information on each of them.

Connect two smartphones and the application will automatically determine them

After that, we mark the categories for transferring data.You can choose photos, videos, messages, call history and more.In total, more than 32 types of iOS data and 12 Android data types.

Choose what data you need to transfer

The transfer process will begin, which will take from a couple to an hour - depending on how much information you want to transfer.As a result, we get one smartphone where information is collected from two phones at once, while no data will be lost.Contacts from the Android Smartphone will automatically appear in contacts on the iPhone, as well as messages, the history of calls, and so on.

If there is already information on the phone where you want to transfer data, the data will be combined.

How to transfer WhatsApp chats from one phone to another

PhoneTrans — нужное приложение для переноса данных на новый iPhone

In the App Transfer section, you can restore chats and postpon WhatsApp, Viber and other messengers.To begin with, the program will determine the connected smartphone and synchronize with it.Immediately after this, Phonetrans will offer to choose instant messengers that you want to restore and transfer to another device (even an Android smartphone).

Connect two phones to postpone WhatsApp data

We connect another phone and click on the "Transfer" button.Android phones should be converted to USB-laying-for this the application provides convenient step-by-step instructions for a wide range of models, including Samsung, Sony, HTC and Huawei, as well as instructions for various versions of Android.The smartphone from which the data will be transmitted should be indicated on the left, and your new phone - the one to which you send messages - should be shown to the right.If not so, press the Switch button to switch them.

You can choose what specific messenger data needs to be transferred

After the data transfer is completed, you must find that the history of your chats was successfully transmitted along with invested files.

In addition, the Phonetrans program can make backups and restore the iPhone.The only catch in the operation of the program can occur due to the lack of the Russian language, but the menu is so understandable that you can understand it without problems.

You can back up the iPhone

Or restore it

The application is already available for loading, so if you want to try the utility in the case - go ahead for the developer’s website.Phonetrans has a trial version so that you can try the application, as well as paid - with a subscription for a month, year or one -time purchase.

This is a powerful tool that performs its declared functions.It is compatible with most Android smartphones and works with different types of files.The program will come in handy for those who want to restore WhatsApp messages even when they seem lost forever, and just if you want to go from iOS to Android or go from Android to iOS.

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